Make this your most relaxed Christmas yet


If the thought of Christmas makes you break out in a cold sweat, it’s time to break the cycle. Whether it’s your first time hosting a family Christmas or you are a seasoned pro, there is no time like the present (pun totally intended) to plan ahead and make this year your most relaxed Christmas yet.

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Keep it clean

Ok, so it’s impossible to keep a clean house when you’ve got kids around. However, we can highly recommend giving your fridge a good old fashioned spring clean and reorganising it to leave as much as space as possible. As Christmas approaches it will quickly fill up with fresh produce and food containers (not to mention the leftovers). So rest assured knowing everything is much easier to find when it’s clearly labelled and grouped together.

Change the rules

Image: Rebecca Cakes and Bakes
Image: Rebecca Cakes and Bakes

Just because it’s “always been done that way” is no reason to keep going with the same old traditions. Communication can be difficult in large families, but if you constantly find yourself getting frustrated over the cost of Christmas then there’s a fair chance a few other families will feel the same way! Consider changing to a Kris Kringle instead of buying one present for everyone, or only buying gifts for children. Set a limit and urge everyone to stick with it. You could even buy gifts based on a certain theme, e.g. Food, subscriptions, gift certificates or tickets.

Save the day

Do a quick bit of budgeting (if you’re bad at maths just download a free app like Spending Tracker) to figure out how much disposable income you’ll have between now and Christmas. Put aside a certain amount each week, fortnight or month to help you cover costs. Even if it’s only $10 a week, if you start early enough this can really add up by the time Christmas rolls around. Once Christmas is over and done with, revisit this budget and make some notes about what worked, what didn’t and where you can save a few more dollars next year.

Keep ‘em busy

Image: Living LIfe's Moments
Image: Living Life’s Moments

It’s inevitable that there will be the occasional good-natured argument when all the family gets together at Christmas. However, the one thing nobody wants is for a full-scale fight to break out! Keep people busy with some post-lunch activities such as backyard or beach cricket, a board game, Charades, Celebrity Heads, a nature walk or a bit of karaoke. If the kids are overtired, encourage them to take a quick nap (and reassure them they won’t miss out on any fun!) and make sure they drink lots of water in between sneaking bites of dessert.

Don’t shop ’til you drop

Grab a notepadand pen and make a big list (or just write it in your iPhone notes so it’s always handy!). Better yet, keep a list open all year long and make notes if you think of something that a family or friend might like. This will save the inevitable panic of trying to think of something at the last minute. Always buy a few generic pressies, like chocolates, wine and body products so you’ve got something for that unexpected guest. Buying gifts in the post-Christmas sales might seem ludicrous at the time but you’ll be thanking yourself for it by the time December rolls back around!

That’s a wrap

Image: Tell Love and Party
Image: Tell Love and Party

We are all looking at ways to reduce waste, and wrapping paper is one of those things that seem to multiply on Christmas Day. The cost of quality wrapping paper is going up and up, and it’s becoming clear that those cheap 50c rolls are basically useless. So why not keep the kids busy in the lead-up to Christmas and save yourself a few bucks by creating some DIY wrapping paper. Get out the butcher’s paper and cover it with finger paint, glitter, and crayons or make some potato stamps. Tell the recipient it is “unique, hand-crafted, bespoke gift covering” and they’ll feel like a million bucks.

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