Winter Back to School Checklist



It’s mid winter here in Australia and we’re just about to send our kids back to school after their mid year break. And while we’ve loved these last few weeks of wintery activities, indoor games and delicious comfort food, we admit we’re looking forward to a little downtime – we’ve run out of energy to keep our little ones entertained all holidays! We’re actually looking forward to making school lunches (we never thought we’d ever think that!) just for a little routine to return.

Getting the kids back to school always comes with some preparation. And it’s different in Winter than Summer, so here’s our tips for heading back to school rugged up, organised and ready to learn.

Cold weather means more clothes

Mid year back to school comes with it a whole different type of preparation, yes there is the stationery restocking, and you can download our back to school checklist here for some guidance on that, but the main focus at this time of year is keeping kids warm in the colder weather.

Colder weather always means more ‘stuff’ – jumpers, beanies, scarves, gloves, raincoats. Now’s the time to get those belongings labeled and organised so nothing gets lost.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the usual excuses for lost winter clothes – ‘I got hot and I took it off while I was playing’, ‘my shoes where muddy so I left them outside’ or ‘my scarf was getting in the way while I was playing’. Then when you ask where it is you get *that* blank look! And it’s always the treasured items of clothing that go missing, the ones you decided to spend a little bit more on… they simply disappear into the parallel universe where all those lost socks are hanging out.

Stay organised and winter won’t be about searching for clothes

More items means more responsibility for our little ones. But when they’re lost in their play the last thing they are thinking about is where they put their gloves. Their only focus is on making the sand castle that couldn’t be done with their gloves on!

Winter doesn’t need to be a constant search, follow-up, ring around and interrogation (sometimes trying to find out where an item is feels like a worldwide man hunt!) with items labelled it can miraculously find it’s way back home (and not long after comes that sigh of relief). If you need more labels to get your winter clothes organised you will find your personalised labels online here .

Winter Back To School Checklist

So here’s our checklist of what to label and pack for the coming winter term. Tick off the below to make sure you and your little ones are ready to brave the cold.

Handy Winter tips from other Mums

With winter comes a whole lot of other issues to contend with. Thanks to more rain, snow in some areas, plenty of mud, puddles (to jump in), wind and icy temperatures. We asked a few mums for their favourite winter tips to share with you:

  • ‘I always pack a plastic bag in my little one’s school bag or have one handy in the car for muddy gumboots and shoes after a day at care, school or a trip to the park.’
  • ‘A spare pair of socks and a towel is great for those unexpected rainy days, especially with winter after-school activities, they always seem to get so wet.’
  • ‘With all the illness floating around in winter I carry an all natural antibacterial spray to use on our hands when we’re out and about, or using public toilets. And I give one to my kids to carry with them at school.’
  • ‘In winter I like to send lunch in a small thermos or thermal bowl with soup, bolognese, curry or dahl to warm them up.’
  • ‘My kids have swimming after school in winter, a shammy towel is amazing for drying the excess water from their hair before we head out into the cold icy winds at night.’
  • ‘My kids get really dry lips playing outdoors in the winter months, I always carry a chap stick/lip balm in my handbag – it saves the day.’
  • ‘Ugg boots are my winter secret weapon. I pack them for the kids to put on after swimming, ballet, Auskick. There is nothing worse than having cold feet.’

Getting back into the school routine

It’s been two weeks, for some three weeks since you’ve been in that school/kinder routine. The first week back can be hard work. It’s great to ease back into the routine slowly by starting to get up at the time you usually would for school, go to bed earlier, and get the kids to start to do the things they would usually do before and after school. You can download our before and after school checklists to help with this.

What does ‘back-to-school’ entail for you? Are there any handy winter tips you’d add to the list? We’d love to know! Drop us your tip in the comments below.

P.S. If you need a great lunchbox that will keep lunches warm this winter, check out our foil thermal lined lunch pails. Perfect for soups and pasta pots.