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  • Belinda Docwra

    My daughter’s FAVOURITE activity is swimming. Sometimes I even have to avoid driving near our swim school as it starts off the never ending “When am I going swimming” “Have I got lessons today” etc. Thankfully with our swimming fees we are able to use the pool any day outside of swimming lessons, so we have dropped other activities and swim a few times a week.

  • Melissa o

    My little girl loves cooling down with her fun swimming classes

  • Louise Cole

    My son loves playing ‘Minecraft’ on the computer. He gets to play at the weekend as a reward if he has had a good week at School and after he has done his homework of course. A label for the Calendar for “computer time” for learning or play would be helpful Stuck on You!

  • Katie Nygh

    My son loves swimming. His greatest joy this summer was lying on his boogie board trying to catch a wave or two.

  • Renee

    My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves the water, whether it be swimming lessons, going to the beach, in the bath or just splashing around in puddles. If she could be anything at all it would be a mermaid so she could live in the water all the time!!

  • Kimberley

    I have a seven year old girls who is dying to start Auskick, she’s also a mad artist. I also have a ten year old son who loves wrestling and surfing.

  • Narelle Rock

    swimming, especially watching my younger kids learn how to swim, so great knowing they are safer around water.

  • Tracey Mcgreevy

    Swimming !  They just cant get enough – good thing it’s been nice hot weather.
    And my newly turned 4yo has all of a sudden developed the knack for riding his bike !  Just this week 🙂 

  • Kathryn C

    Miss 4 loves to go to her swimming class, splishing and splashing really fast. Always excited to pack her Stuck On You bag, she races fast to the finish flag! She blows bubbles with her mouth in the water, so many survival techniques the teacher has taught her. Swimming makes Miss 4 smile from ear to ear, Mummy loves to watch and loves to cheer 🙂

  • My son loves cricket it was his first cricket season last year and sadly he only got one game as he broke his arm at cricket training but he still ent to every single game to support his new team!

  • Stephanie

    A little miss who can’t wait to start Ballet!

  • Kylie Embury

    My eldest son is in Scouts and my daughter LOVES to dance.  The toddler just likes to copy everything they do (and is missing them now they’ve gone back to school this week) 🙁

  • Sara Napaa

    My sons have started basketball twice a week and footy also twice a week and my daughter does dancing. They all love their activities and being active 🙂

  • Belinda Baker

    Little Athletics! Because 3 out of my 4 children participate so I dont feel like Mums taxi driving them to 3 different activities. We tell them its not whether they win each race/event, but its about participating and trying to beat their own personal bests.

  • Samanthaadams_1

    Swimming in our pool, they are like two little fish!

  • Bertha

    My two year old LOVES doing art and craft. 
    She’s also loving her Duplo sets and will play with them days on end.

  • Alison

    My 5 year old son loves any ball sports and wants to play football and cricket.  My 7 year old daughter enjoys water skiing and swimming

  • Donna Jones

    My daughter’s favourite thing to do is swimming. She can’t wait until Auskick starts as she is finally old enough to go 🙂

  • Jess

    I’ve just had our third baby so our calendar is very full! My two older kids love swimming lessons. But my 6 year old daughter is very excited to be starting gymnastics in a couple of weeks!!She’s so excited that she’s been practising somersaults and handstands everywhere she can throughout the school holidays!!

  • Charlotte Slocombe

    I have a 14 month old who loves playing with his blocks, and also loves anything soft!! His favourite at the moment is a giraffe pillow pet that he got for his birthday …. soooooo cute!

  • Fiona

    My four year old girl loves having a splash in our swimming pool.

  • Debhornsby21

    My three girls 8,6 & 4 are loving playing their recorders, riding their bikes and hanging out for swim lessons. Our dream is horse riding(mine too).

  • DD15 *loves* doing drama
    DS 12 adores his soccer (oops – football !)
    DD10 is like a mermaid – loves swimming
    DD8 is an art and craft fanatic. Also loves choir and band. A busy bee !
    Oh, and all of us are involved in Cubs / Scouts 🙂 (Me too !)

  • Kate

    My eight year old daughter loves dance – ballet, jazz and tap! And she is learning the flute this year and playing netball, both for the first time.. My nearly seven year old son loves Hap Ki Do, swimming and soccer.. I have come back to work full time this year and I need as much help as I can get to stay organised!!!

  • Loz

    Swimming lessons and just fun at the pool, dancing, soon there’s netta and Auskick. Playgroup, painting and promised family bike rides! It never ends!

  • DD15 *loves* doing drama
    DS12 is ensconced in soccer (oops – football !)
    DD10 is like a mermaid – loves swimming
    DD8 loves art, craft, choir, and band.
    And, we’re all involved in Cubs / Scouts (me included !)

  • Rach

    My 5 yo and 3 yo love their swimming lessons. They also love to do art & craft, play with playdough and cook yummy cupcakes and treats.

  • Carmela Pavlicsearle

    Miss. 5 loves soccer and gymnastics Nd Miss 3 loves to dance 🙂

  • Nmaher82

    This morning we are going to mainly music, my boys love to groove along to the songs!

  • Skye

    Hip Hop (dance for boys!)…. “I’ve got $20 in my pocket” is the latest and my son loves all the crazy moves!

  • Russell05

    My eldest girl loves cooking and craft with her mum whilst my son loves watering his vegie patch or playing cricket with his dad!!

  • My daughter Benita’s favourite activities are Swimming and Martial Arts.. and we use our Stuck on You labels to ensure that none of her things go missing.  Keep up the good work.

  • My daughter Benita’s favourite activities are Swimming and Martial Arts.. and we use our Stuck on You labels to ensure that none of her things go missing.  Keep up the good work.

  • Potttydotti

    My 5yr old is hugely into tissue art! that’s right! tissue art. She uses endless amounts of tissues and her brightly coloured felt tip pens and does the most intricate drawings/patterns and to our suprise no torn tissues!! Loves swimming lessons too. x

  • Floss_84

    Our 3 girls all love to dance so we just bought them Just Dance for the Wii. I would love to label their own remotes

  • I have a 2.5 year old who loves playing with musical instruments at daycare, I can’t wait til we can get her into some music lessons. She also loves dancing.

    Her brother is 9 months old and loves swimming, can’t wait til we get lessons!

  • Melissapuliphotography

    My Miss Six loves Swimming! She is also an avid photographer!!!

  • Teressa

    Sand and Water play

  • Charmaine

    She loves drama and ballet! We haven’t signed her up for swimming yet, but I reckon she will love the water.

  • Gina

    My five year old can sit for hours writing down the names of streets, places, friends and TV characters. He goes through one notebook a week filled with thoughts from his head. My 3 year old daughter, is, well just a fairy all day long. Gina

  • Gslynch

    My 6 year old loves yoga and she loves to design clothing.

  • Elizabeth

    My 2 year old is a water fanatic. Loves his swimming, playing under the sprinkler and having baths. Even the poor dogs water isn’t safe lol

  • Tilburgs

    My daughter does dancing and swimming and has just started tennis which I think is becoming her favourite! 🙂

  • Sjrobertson

    my son is so excited to start his first season of rugby league

  • Edenplatell

    My 3 year old has just started ballet and she loves it. Her little sister loves coming to classes too and “dancing” on the sidelines.

  • Colbert4

    Horse Riding!
    Everything involved with it, grooming, saddling, etc

  • Judith M

    Miss Six is loving going swimming each school day and then after school on Wednesdays. It took until the middle of last year for her to put her head under the water, but once she did, duck diving has become her favourite part of getting in the water.

  • Lynda

    My son loves doing somersaults at Gymbaroo and he loves playing in the sand at the beach!

  • Kelly

    My 9 year old daughter loves netball, my 3 year old son loves art & my 5 month old son…. loves mummy 😛

  • Arlenefletcher

    My daughter Madeleine who is 6 loves Gymnastics.  So much so she has two classes a week.

  • Sarah

    My beautiful daughter is doing Calisthenic’s and swimming this year! I am amazed at how 4-5yr olds can remember 4 or 5 dance routines for comps, oh and they look so cut in there costumes!!!!

  • Louise Mitchell26

    My three kids do different acitivites!! One does drama, she’s a real drama queen! One does ballet and the other loves Gymabroo.

  • Jody

    My 6 year old does swimming, little athletics and dancing … He wants to add more activities .. But I need a rest lol glad I have a little rest before my younger one starts doing them too.

  • sstar

    My daughters (5 and 6years old) both love the private piano lessons they go to – my older one loves music so much she can’t wait to start violin lessons next year! Her little sister just loves being like her, so she asked to join piano lessons at the end of last year also!

  • _

  • Pinkfrosting

    We do swimming twice a week, soccer and roller skating. We try to have 1 HHD (happy home day), homework and play dates.

  • My son has just started basketball and loves it.  His first real game is Saturday and he is so excited!

  • My Girls are only 18 months but they love drawing with crayons!

  • Kyleesharpe

    My 4 year old loves going to her dancing classes every Tuesday after kindy

  • My three year old daughter loves painting and dancing to P!nk..the clean songs 🙂

  • My three year old daughter loves painting and dancing and singing to P!nk…The clean songs 🙂

  • Justine

    My 6 year old daughter loves her dancing…jazz and tap at the moment… and my 4 year old little man loves building his sandcastles at the beach <3

  • swimming and any ball game!  just want’s to be outside 🙂

  • Dad19664

    My son loves pretend games. This week he has been a zombie chaser and a flying ninja.

  • Kay

    My six year old to be loves soccer, swimming and dancing.  She cannot keep still or sit any where.  I don’t know where she gets the energy from.

  • Freyavali

    My 3 yr old daughter is ballet mad!! She wears her tutu all day long and can’t wait for classes to start on saterday. Gymnastics and swimming are her other favorites, if only i could afford for her too do these too. My tomboy 5 yr old girl is into all things athletics, but she is only doing swimming this term as she is just starting prep and will be too tired to do any other classes. there are so many fun things these kids can do. 

  • lidya

    My son’s favorite activity is playing in the park with his dad.

  • Elissa

    After a hectic year of after school activities – choir, swimming, ballet & circus we have decided to slow down this year to allow for more free time. Swimming is a constant and we will join back into choir next term. My pre-schooler is desperate to start circus school so she can ‘learn more tricks and fly’! I may give in to the pleading and add drama to the schedule as well..

  • My two year old just loves water play. Anything with a bucket, hose, sprinkler will keep him entertained!

  • I have two teenage boys and their favourite out of home activity is their local youth group. My 6 year old daughter is starting jazz dance this year…and is so very excited about it! My 10 year old son who is non-verbal Autistic has been doing special olympics gymnastics for a few years now and LOVES it!

  • Natalie Kate Mason

    My almost 2 yr old little girl loves swimming at the pool & “catching waves” at the beach with mumma & dad. Shes also love singing & dancing along to Hi 5 (quite the addict actually oops) & just go go goes all day long at daycare

  • Carla

    I have 6 year old twin girls one is very excited just about to start Ballet again and the other just as excited to resume her Horse riding lessons. They both are eager to finally get to try out new Ballet and Horse riding clothes they got for xmas. It is equally exciting for me to see them become independent and choose their own way for the first time.

  • guest

    anything messy; finger painting the most favourite along with painting and stamping

  • Camcar21

    My little man loves kinder gym. He live the big foam pit, trampoline, balance beam and sumersaults

  • Li

    Swimming, soccer and mandarin classes are my 5 year old’s favourite activities!

  • My five year old loves to ride her horse after school every day. 

  • Federicagiulietti

    swimming and gymnastic for my girls!
    My 6 yrs old keep asking about tennis lesson…will see during the year if we can find some room for it

  • Samken

    My darling 5 year old started swimming since 6 months and loves backstroke. She also thinks of her drawings as her work. After getting your activity kit she made her own colour by letters pictures.

  • Kirsty_woods

    My 3year old daughter loves Kindermusik!!

  • Lmk1960

    My son’s favourite activity would have to be anything involving water!  He’s a keen swimmer, he is involved in Surf Club, he loves to catch waves on his boogie board and he’s been a qualified scuba diver  since he was 10!  Thank goodness for your great clothes labels with all these activities.  We haven’t lost anything yet!!

  • My 7 yr old daughter has just started Competition Gymnastics.  Now she cant stop doing handstands and cartwheels any where and every where.  I seem to have a row of black foot prints along my wall now exactly at her height!

  • Kelley_hughes

    My daughter loves her swimming but her favourite is dancing <3

  • Yvettedenning

    Our boys fav activities are camping and Bush walking and rock climbing. little dare devils.

  • Noel Di

    My sons favourite activity is anything to do with cars – he has 6 remote control cars and loves playing with them outside and inside 🙂

  • Kylie

    My son’s just started school so that is a definite favourite activity at the moment but he’s also mad on his swimming lessons every week along with riding his scooter, bmxing on his bike and building with his lego! My daughter just loves singing and dancing to music on the radio or taped episdoes of hi-5.  She also loves creating works of art on the easel that santa bought her for xmas and looking after all her ‘babies’ (dollls).

  • Sally D

    It was surf lessons over summer, now it’s swimming, tennis and guitar, and winter sport sign up is this weekend – trying out hockey this year!

  • CL85

    Yes my 3yo loves kindergym and play group but also just some good old painting and drawing or even a trip to the beach

  • Tracie Johnson

    We have 3 busy boys !  aged 5 ,2.5 and 6 weeks the older two love to jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath with BUBBLE BATH on the tramp mat so much fun slipping and sliding. something we did as kids back in the day!

  • oops

  • My daughter LOVES dinosaurs so of course she showed no interest in playing with a doll house she received for her birthday.  That was, until I told her that dinosaurs could live in the dollhouse too! Lucky dinosaurs are now living it up with Barbie and Ken!

  • Ditsydragon

    my daughter loves swimming. she loves it when her dad throws her up into the air and she splashes back down. And this year our swimming lessons are at the same time as her best friend… They spent the whole first lesson, calling out for one another and trying to paddle to each other.

  • Kristy

    Colouring, painting and drawing for both my girls aged 5 and 2 1/2.

  • Gardenergirl 1

    My three girls all love their animals. So their first thing home from school is the animal round.

  • Sharonsplee

    My daughter does Gymbaroo, swimming, goes to day care once a week and will start 3 year old kindy at the end of March.  Then in winter I will swap swimming for music classes!  Lots happening.  He favourites are Gymbaroo & swimming.  I’m not sure which she likes more.  More labels would be divine, especially the new kids designer labels!

  • Sptz-mum

    My little boy is not quite 3 yet but has an amazing imagination and loves nothing more then playing make believe role play games, as I am a busy mum I don’t always have the time to join him in these games. So this year he has started preschool (packed & ready with stuck on you products) 1 day a week & he loves that there are other boys and girls there to join him in play.

  • My 7 year old has just started her tennis lessons. It’s just too funny  watching her trying to either bounce the ball on her racquet or running desperately to try to hit the ball over the net. I think what she enjoys the most is going around the court to pick up all the balls for the coach.

  • My 7 year old has just started her tennis lessons. It’s just too funny  watching her trying to either bounce the ball on her racquet or running desperately to try to hit the ball over the net. I think what she enjoys the most is going around the court to pick up all the balls for the coach.

  • KateG

    My 3 year old loves his Kids Pantry cooking and gardening classes as well as Gymbaroo. My 5 month old daughter loves Gymbaroo.

  • Mel

    We have a music queen (11), a hip hop chick (7, nearly 8) and a soccer superstar (9) at our house. All are keen swimmers as well.

  • Emanuela Parisi

    One of my daughters loves netball and being outside in general. She’s on the go all day long and full of life. My other daughter chills a little more and loves reading, watching TV/Movies and listening to music, more of a homebody.

  • Samantha Pitson

    My little Miss enjoy’s her Fairy Ballet, exploring her inner fairy!  But can’t forget her swimming lessons where she transforms from fairy to fish….

  • Joanne Wills

    Master Four enjoys swimming and soccer

  • Sandy Whittington

    Both my kids love Gymnastics! Kindergym for my 2 year old and recreational for my 5 year old. I love it because it is great for their development!

  • Sarah

    My son’s favourite activity would be jumping on the trampoline and doing amazing somersaults in the air.  Although mum freaks out just a tad.

  • Fairey

    Miss ‘almost 6 months’ likes anything her Daddy does with her. Whether it’s having raspberries blown on her tummy, being read to or splashing in the bath – if Dad’s around it’s a winner.
    However, she does enjoy when her mummy takes her to story time and swimming lessons (can you imagine if Daddy was around for those!!)

  • Jo

    For the busy toddler, Play group, followed by music, swimming and the local wildlife park. My favourites go in the opposite order. Later in the year will try to squeeze in group craft, kindergym and mini sport.

  • virg

    My kids really enjoy going in the dairy yard after milking in their undies and  having a poo fight with each other. Seeing who can throw the cows poo the fartherest.The love it!! Plus Tennis, footy, ballet and Tap dancing.

  • Madeleine Tingey

    My grandson likes makingt scrapbooks using pictures cut out from old magazines or damaged books from the op shop. he especially likes pictures of wild animals. 
    Madeleine T. 

  • Marissam

    My 4 year old daughter Tia loves going to her dancing classes, she performed in the dancing school concert last year and has already decided she wants to be a dancing teacher when she is older.

  • Tara_N

    Haha at 8mo her favourite activity is playing with the Vacuum! But we eventual hope she likes swimming and dancing 🙂

  • Stelsmum

    Our little GIRL loves FOOTBALL!!

  • Amanda

    My daughter loves to dance in the lounge room

  • Cushlamorris

    Our kids love Little Athletics and we do too. Lots of variety in events and it is parent/carer run…it is a whole family effort.

  • MichelleB

    My eldest two children, Lily-Belle & Diesel have found a new love for hip hop dancing at our local dance school whilst my two little babies, Arabella & Harley love playing in water, with water and anything to do with water

  • Kristin Santi

    Swimming is the favourite here, but a close second is dancing.  My younger daughter tells me that’s how you become a Princess.  

  • togga

    Jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping! Picking grass and eating leaves. Making animal sounds.

  • BelindaM

    My 6 year old daughter loves reading, coloring inand dancing.

  • KM

    My daughter’s are soccer & netball with soccer refing starting also. Middle son’s are soccer (indoor & outdoor) tennis, hip hop, tap dancing & cricket & my youngest son’s are soccer, hip hop, tennis & cricket. And there goes every afternoon & weekend but hey they’re not sitting in front of the TV!

  • Rritzganec

    My children’s favorite activity is water play they love the pool and the beach once in you aren’t able to get them out!

  • Khill77

    I have a boy aged 6yrs and Girl 4yrs and they both like Gymnastics,Swimming, Boogie Boarding, Riding their Bikes and Touch Footy, but my son especially likes Soccer, and Surfing, and my daughter loves Dancing. They also love jumping on the Trampoline and playing handball.

  • Kellybelcastro

    My eight year old wants to spend every waking moment playing on and exploring all that our iPad has on offer!

  • Megansergeant

    my princess loves to create wonderful pieces of artwork using a variety of art and craft materials.. My little dude enjoys pulling all the pillows off the lounge and all the sheets off his bed to make boats and planes and cubbies.. 

  • Roxanne

    My daughter favourite activity is Irish Dancing !!!!!  Me being a non dancer now exploring a whole new world of costumes, makeup and Wigs !!! Not to forget the performances, which always manage to bring a smile to everyones faces.

  • Danielle

    My daughter Verity loves everything…school, swimming, scooting, circus school and her little sister Zoë loves playing with her babies/dolls. But together, their best activity is just playing with each other. The love between sisters…such joy x

  • Sandra

    Having three boys I am constantly running around with Scouts, Karate and Swimming.  Now on top of that soccer season is starting soon which they tell me they have to do it as they love it. So we have lots of favourite activities in our house.

  • Vanessa

    My daughter loves to play dress ups and her favourite character is being a Vampire Mermaid. Very creative.

  • nikki

    my 3 year old loves to go bike riding, especially with his nanna and pop, always comes home with some amazing stories like the rode to africa and seen the penguins, or rode to the beach and seen the kangaroos lol, sometimes i wished i lived in his world 🙂
    he makes me smile just thinking of his funny stories.

  • Gess

    My kids favorite activities are soccer, tennis and cricket for my son,
    And my girls are dancing, and running and gymnastics.

    P .s I love your products, easy to buy and have always been super happy with the product and the delivery etc… Wonderful company Been buying from you for years. Thanks.

  • Rebeca

    I would like a “housework” or “chores day” sticker to add to the calendar of events so they don’t forget those all  important activities to help around the house!!!!

  • Sally

    If you ask my 3 children – every one of their activities is their FAVOURITE! Our weekly afternoon schedule already includes: soccer, swimming, dancing (2 different evenings), cricket (2 different locations) and basketball. Tennis/football is also on the agenda and as of this morning, I am apparently “the worst Mum in the world” because “everyone else is doing Volleyball for after school activities – EXCEPT FOR US!!!”.  Entirely irrelevant is the fact that it clashes with pre-existing activities that they are not willing to give up! lol

  • Jody K

    Both of my children love their swimming lessons. My son loves going to Kindygym at YMCA & my daughter has just moved into the development squad for Rhythmic Gymnastics at our YMCA!!

  • Steph

    My daughters favourite activity is catching her cooks and hand feeding them figs off our tree – it is their favourite food and she gets a lot of enjoyment from watching them peck away at the fruit.  She often then sneaks a chook inside when I’m not looking as they apparently enjoy watching TV too!

  • anita

    My daughter loves dancing , especially tap , with her teddy ( baby gaga ) and showing everyone her rocket swimming arms. Her little brother is a water baby who loves splashing anyone who gets close enough.

  • MissyG

    My daughters favourite activity is dancing! She loves her ballet lessons, and I’m so proud she’s moved up a grade this year. However everyone wearing the same uniform means stuck on you labels are required for the change from school uniform to ballet uniform on a very rushed Monday afternoon now!

  • Nikkifowler

    my boys jai (4) and mace (2.5) love any imaginary game mimicking grown ups, docs and nurses (mace is always the nurse), schools ( jai is the headmaster and mace the librarian), restaurants (jai is the chef, mace is the washer uper), and mummys and daddys ( mace is always the baby). they provide me with endless laughs as i listen to their conversation, its so cute. 🙂

  • Jeanette_dowler

    My Daughter who is 9 loves to dance, act & sing so l have in rolled her in classes. She loves it.l have seen a big diffrents in my daughter her self confirdents she is starting to get. And with Jazz dance her balance & rythem & corordanation has in prove so much. l,m so Pround of her & haveing the name lables on our shoes & cloths are such a great help as well not just for finding lost cloths but the shoe lables also a great way to teach left from right as l did one shoe with lable the other shoe without  

  • BrettWN

    Playing with our dogs. She’s great with all dogs, we’ve got her pinned to be a Vet already 😉

  • Anna

    My 2-y-o daughter loves craft. Painting, drawing, colouring, glueing – she loves to create! We go to the library each week and my daughter loves doing craft at the end of Storytime.

  • Kizza15au

    My son loves riding his bike down to the lake to feed the ducks.

  • !!

    my children enjoy Rhee tae kwon do ; army cadets; and rc cars

  • Nicolecorley

    My kids favourite activity is family night.We turn off all the electronics and the t.v and just play heaps of different board games.