Why Baby #2 will be a breeze (won’t it?)

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The difference between your first and second baby can probably be summed up by what’s in your hospital bag. Let’s face it, by the time the big day arrives you will probably throw a pair of PJs in a canvas shopping bag and be done with it!

Whether you’re already a seasoned pro, or your second is due any minute, see why we think #2 will be a breeze. Whether you agree or disagree, you’ll at least get a giggle out of it!

You’ll trust your gut

First time around you are inundated with advice… whether you ask for it or not. Friends, relatives, neighbours and even the lady who runs the Lions Club sausage sizzle – everyone loves giving you their two cents. Not to mention all the apps, books, blogs, forums and Google searches you find yourself reading at 2am. It can all be a bit overwhelming, leaving you feeling unprepared and under qualified for the task ahead. But then…. your baby arrives and you realise, “Hey. I got this”.

Second time around it’s all about trusting your gut and… most importantly… your baby. If there’s something wrong, you know your bub will tell you about it. Loudly! So this time you’ll just nod and smile when someone starts on the “Back when my kids were little” tangent and cross each bridge as you come to it.

Your hospital bag will actually be useful

Remember how many times you packed, unpacked and then repacked your hospital bag for Baby #1? You bought the jumbo-pack of black granny panties from Target. You had the LED candles. The iPod filled with Enya songs. The old sauce bottle filled with salty water to squirt on your stitches (No? Was that just me?).

Second time around you’ll be lucky to remember a spare t-shirt. Because you know that in those first few crazy days the most important thing is that your baby is safe and your boobs are accessible. For everything else, you’ve got at least three friends and family members hanging around who desperately want to help (or a shell-shocked partner who is desperate to escape for a coffee!)

You know that every phase passes

Image: Mayfly Photography
Image: Mayfly Photography

With Baby #1 those long, lonely winter nights rocking back and forth in the dark seemed like they would never end. The rivers of snot felt like they would flow forever. That hour between bathtime and bedtime seemed to stretch for a decade.

With Baby #2 you can relax knowing that this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever… including the good stuff (mmm you’ve missed that sweet baby smell, haven’t you?). So chill out and ride the wave. Besides, when you’ve got a screaming toddler demanding cereal at 5pm you will actually appreciate the peace and quiet of a 3am feed with your precious newborn.

A sniffle isn’t a death sentence

I’ll never forget the day I burst into my doctor’s surgery, clutching my babe to my breast and screaming like a woman from an apocalypse movie: “Please, please somebody has to see me today! Her snot just turned yellow! Help me!” Are you cringing? Because I certainly am. We watched precious Baby #1 like a hawk. Every cough had me running to Doctor Google and heaven forbid she bumped her head on the couch while learning to walk. But Baby #2 is just going to have to suck it up, because we all know that once you’ve had a PROPER medical scare (like two nights in hospital with an asthmatic baby) a bit of snot is nothing to get sniffly over.

More money for lovely mummy things

Image: Red Velvet London
Image: Red Velvet London

Remember all that money you spent on a cot, change table, baby bath, portacot, feeding chair and nappy bag for Baby #1? Well… dig out those delightful treasures and high-five yourself on not having to buy another scrap of furniture for Baby #2. Then go spend a few bucks on a manicure (seriously, have you looked at your nails lately?). Sure, Baby #2 might never know the feel of bouncy, brand new cot springs under her head. But she will have the pleasure of snuggling up to a mum who is wearing a soft, new cashmere jumper. And that’s priceless.

Did you feel more confident with Baby #2? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Feature image: Living Life’s Moments