Daydream believer: What your doodles mean

Image: Cake Spy

Scribbles, scrawls, doodles and drawings. Whatever you call them, these little marks can tell the world a lot about what’s on your mind. Doodles are something you tend to do without thinking, whether you’re on the phone, daydreaming or procrastinating at work. Flip back through your notebook and take a closer look at the meaning behind your scribbles. You might learn a bit about yourself along the way!

PS The images in this blog are actual doodles from the notebooks of the Stuck On You team!



If you doodle little people or stick figures, you probably feel insecure and helpless or you’re trying to get away from some of your responsibilities. Drawing simple stick figures indicates that you’re emotionally unstable and feel the need to isolate yourself from other people.

Eyes also reveal something about yourself. If there are teeth poking out of the lips, that can be a sign of aggression or frustration. Big eyes reflect an outgoing personality, and closed eyes might be a sign that you are afraid to take a look inside yourself.

Your name or signature

Image: Em's signature scrawl
Em’s signature scrawl

Oh, you big attention seeker! Sorry, but people who doodle their own name or signature tend to be a tad on the egocentric side. The bigger the letters, the more you are feeling yourself. You clearly don’t want to be invisible, and you love being noticed. Writing your name over and over in little letters means you are probably one of those quiet achievers, who doesn’t say much but commands attention all the same.


Flying high with Holly
Flying high with Holly

It’s not how well you draw them, it’s what you draw that counts. A fluffy little kitten means you’re looking for a bit of security and protection, a lion shows the world you are feeling pretty powerful, a fox means you’re up to something and a tiger expresses a bit of latent anger. If you find yourself doodling the same animal over and over it hints at the fact you’re trying to imitate its personality.


Emily's a big square
Emily’s planning ahead

Straight lines and geometric shapes signify someone who is stubborn and forceful. You might also be cautious in your actions, and probably keep your opinions to yourself. You’re rational and logical, and probably enjoy planning ahead.


Image: My stars
My stars!

Much like the signature doodle, stars are all about you, you, you. You love a bit of attention, and certainly wouldn’t be upset to enter a room and have all eyes on you. You’re probably ambitious, optimistic and have your goals firmly in sight.


Image: Pip's flowers
Pip’s flowers

Flowers are more of a feminine doodle, and can relate to personal relationships. If you’re scribbling soft, round petals then you’re probably thinking about family, marriage, children, happy memories and all those types of warm and fizzy thoughts. Pointy petals do tend to indicate a prickly demeanor though.


Bloggers guilt?!
Bloggers guilt?!

Feeling guilty? Scribbling crosses tends to mean that you’re trying to cross something out in your life, perhaps a mistake or a regret. It also tends to signify that you blame yourself for your mistakes.


Fluffy tears
Fluffy tears

Clouds are a very common doodle. It’s the shape that tells the story. A soft, fluffy, rounded cloud means you are a bit of a daydreamer, with a love of freedom. However, black clouds and clouds with raindrops tell the world you are having a bit of difficulty coping with things.

Feature image: Cake Spy