Adventure Seekers

A picture of a fammily enjoying their weekend family adventure

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a weekend family adventure. Take our quiz and find out which type best suits your family.

Ahh, the weekend. Is there a better word in the English language? Okay, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Catnap’ might give it a run for its money—but it’s hard to deny the appeal of those two little days that end the week.

For some, the weekend is reserved for doing nothing but embracing their inner sloth. We call that group: people without kids; doing our best not to resent them with every fibre of our being.

But for those with kids, generally staying busy is the best way to ensure the children sleep at night. Activity = tired little ones (the ultimate goal of every parent), and a weekend family adventure or eight is the perfect way to make that happen.


Oh, the places you’ll (maybe) go

The saying goes that every journey begins with a single step. That’s fine if you know where you’re going. But that journey can be a little trickier with little ones.

They may be shy, indecisive or resistant about your suggestions. You might be a new parent who is struggling to think of the best things to do with them. Or you may feel like you’ve already taken them to every place in the known universe and either they’re sick of them all—or you’re about to lose your mind if you have to go to the nature reserve again.


<INSERT NAME HERE>’s adventures in wonderland

The important thing to remember is that no experience is wasted. So, try lots of different places and activities! One of the best things you can do with children is offer up variety; they are curious creatures and unbiased enough that they’ll give most things a try.

However, a vital factor to remember when you’re choosing an activity for the weekend family adventure is not to push something you’ve tried they didn’t like. As we said, kids are curious, but they’re also stubborn (like you need us to tell you that). If something is not well received, then move on and try an alternative next time.

So, before the weekend gets away, take our quiz to find out which adventure your family is! Don’t worry, it’s not boring and survey-like—it’s fun (and most importantly, short). You might think of it as an adventure in and of itself.

It’s time to take that single step…


Which Weekend Family Adventure is your little clan? Let us know in the comment section below.