Weekend Craft – DIY Binoculars


Remember when you used to make binoculars out of your hands? Pretty cool huh? Obviously it could make you see so much further – but to be able to see that extra mile, we’ve spent our afternoon lovingly crafting some fantastic DIY binoculars for you to try at home this weekend.

All you’ll need is some empty toilet rolls, some imagination and your craft cupboard.


  1. Animal Mania!

Find some cool animal print or stickers and get wrapping! We used PVA glue to set, some sticky tape and shredded paper to plait for the chain.


  1. Spot heaven

Changing up the traditional neck chain, we used coloured Paddle Pop sticks to make these binoculars into a funky one handed monocle!


  1. Dreaming of ice-cream and clouds

Letting our imagination loose, and a plain coloured backing paper, we used stickers and pom poms to decorate this pair.



Eliminate sibling wars by adding our personalised name labels

 Classic_Stick_On_Clothing_Label_Large ClassicIronOnLabels_NEW-ICONS_v2









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Make sure to tag us in any of your creations!