Love at First Bite

A picture of Berries arranged for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got our top five healthy recipes to get your kids into the spirit of love.

Valentine’s Day is a peculiar holiday. While the modern custom is seemingly all about flowers, sentiment and unrealistic romantic comedies—its actual history comes with plenty of scandals when one really starts to delve deeper.

Check out this link if you’re interested in the full story, but we’ll keep our focus more on the fluffy-teddy-bears-and-sonnets side of things.

It’s not an obvious holiday to enjoy with children, but rather one that is usually an excuse to hire a babysitter, go out for a nice dinner, and forget you even have any rugrats.

But if you’re looking to incorporate your kids into your Valentine’s Day, then one of the best ways is through food.

So, we’ve gathered our top five healthy Valentine’s Day recipes that the kids will love to eat—and love to help you make!


The most important feel of the day

What better time to get little ones into romance than at breakfast? And what better way to do so than with a simple variation on boiled eggs? Well, Anna the Red has you sorted with this recipe for Love Heart Boiled Eggs.

The cool thing is that it’s also a practical activity you can do with the kids before you eat the delicious and cute results!

A picture of some heart-shaped boiled eggs
Image: Anna the Red


Strawberry fields forever

What would Valentine’s Day be without a bouquet of roses? Or better yet, how about this bouquet of strawberries from Local Adventurer?

You’ll need to handle the cutting of the strawberries, but your little ones can help to arrange the bouquet—and they can definitely help you eat it.

The best thing of all? This sort of bouquet is A LOT cheaper than one of any real roses!

A picture of a bouquet of strawberries
Image: Local Adventurer


State of the heart

This Valentine’s Day salad from Jo and Sue is the perfect way to use our Bento Accessories Box Set.

Made up of whatever salad pieces you want (or you think your kids will actually eat), all it involves is using the Heart-Shaped Cutter to turn everything into a love affair with food.

You can also then use your Stuck On You Bento Box to make the salad last for a few mealtimes on the go!

A picture of a heart-shaped salad
Image: Jo and Sue


The love bug

The winner of the cutest healthy Valentine’s Day food for kids has to go to these love bugs from Eats Amazing.

They’re probably a little too fiddly to make with the kids (especially younger children), but if you’re happy to take on the hard work all yourself, then your kids are going to think they’re awesome—and better yet, gobble them up in a flash!

A picture of fruit apples
Image: Eats Amazing


Breaking the ice

Finally, it wouldn’t be a collection of recipes for kids unless it included some dessert. But don’t worry, this one from My Kids Lick the Bowl is still a healthy Valentine’s Day food!

It’s a combination of watermelon and banana, shaped with the Bento Accessories Box Set Shaped Cutters or your own finesse with a knife.

Once you have the shapes, all you need to do is combine them, add a stick and freeze them. A few hours later you’ll have a delicious (and healthy) love heart on a stick. Yum!

A picture of some fruit pops
Image: My Kids Lick the Bowl


Does your idea of Valentine’s Day involve the kids? Do you have any other fun recipes you could make together? Let us know in the comment section below!