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Only 5 days till Valentine’s Day. Did you forget? Yeah, me too. The tip off came when I was at the local supermarket and impatiently sifting through a mountain of fluffy pink hearts and teddy bears to look for my favourite bread – which was further camouflaged by more ‘romantic’ breads (basically baguettes, more baguettes and other phallic-shaped fare with European names).

For busy parents, V Day can feel like one more thing you have to do on top of organising the plumber, ferrying the kids off to their various after-school activities (not to mention school itself) and the usual other keeping-family-alive type endeavours.

There is a shift towards Valentine’s Day being an inclusive celebration that goes beyond romantic love and encompasses friendships, family and even your children’s classmates (so glad that trend hasn’t filtered through to my kids’ classrooms – yet). With that in mind, the Stuck On You Crew has thoughtfully designed these super cute printable lolliflowers that you can distribute to your friends, nieces, nephews, child’s classmates, and your workmates (in an appropriate HR-approved manner of course).

You can download these by clicking on the picture below.Valentine's Day printables

But for us purists who’d prefer to keep Valentine’s Day strictly romantic, this can be challenging if you have kids. There are babysitters to arrange, candlelit dinners to stay awake through… oh, and did I mention that it’s on a weeknight this year? Sigh.

After some dedicated research (aka Google) on ideal Valentine’s Day ideas for parents, the best advice tended to be of the “put the kids to bed early, order takeaway and chill in front of Netflix” variety. A traditionally romantic night of dressing up and having a night out hinges entirely on having an available babysitter.

So unless you are able to get creative – and if so, let us know! (PG rated please) – it might be wise for us parents to either lasso a babysitter or lower our romantic expectations for a night at home. In fact, you should savour these days. Soon the kids will grow up and there’ll no longer be an excuse for a lazy night at home.


A passionate embrace

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Ooh! What’s that knock on the door?

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A romantic meal

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