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A picture of a cake made from unicorn recipes

Facing the surreal scenario of making unicorn-themed food? Never fear, we’ve got the top five unicorn recipes we could find!

Unicorn recipes. Probably not something you ever predicted you’d need to know about. But as life chugs along, you start to reach a few realisations: things are just a little different to before you had kids—and, as we found out with our previous blog, unicorns are quite possibly the be-all and end-all for certain miniature members of your family.

So, what are you to do when certain birthdays roll around and you’re presented with two rather limited choices: make a unicorn cake or endure an irrevocable meltdown?

It’s okay, take a deep breath and try to relax. Close your eyes and think of your happy place: a field of big-screen TVs and hammocks. And what’s that in the distance? A winged horse with a majestic horn atop its face!

Okay, while we couldn’t quite present your happy place minus the unicorns that have taken over your life, we are here to help. Stuck On You can AT LEAST get you through that unicorn-themed birthday party.

Here are our top five picks for unicorn recipes that are going to make you the best parents in the world—for one day anyway.


Have your cake and they’ll eat it too

Let’s get the biggie out of the way first. This unicorn cake is courtesy of Delicious.

Complete with ears, rainbow-coloured mane and gold horns, the idea of eating it should be motivation enough to make it. That is if you get to have any.

A picture of a unicorn cake
Image: Delicious

Marshmallow the troops

If you’re after a quick win in the unicorn recipe stakes, then these unicorn marshmallow pops from The Decorated Cookie should fit the bill.

With significantly fewer steps to make than a cake, these can be as simple or as fancy as you like—but either way, they’re sure to be popular!

A picture of unicorn marshmallow pops
Image: The Decorated Cookie

You’re not sushi-ing things

It may seem impossible, but not all unicorn recipes need to be from the sweet treat camp. Why not try this vegan and gluten-free unicorn sushi from One Green Planet?

With ingredients like avocado, cucumber and sweet potato, these are a colourful and ‘unicorny’ option that is also healthy!

A picture of unicorn sushi
Image: One Green Planet

How dough you do?

If you’re after another option they won’t even contemplate as one that is good for them, then you can also try these unicorn doughnuts by Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.

Like the sushi, they’re vegan and gluten-free, and only need a handful of ingredients to craft!

A picture of unicorn doughnuts
Image: Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen

That’s the way the unicorn cookie crumbles

No list of unicorn recipes would be complete without the ultimate child party treat: cookies!

These unicorn cookies from Lauren Conrad are visually elegant and a (very) tasty option the kids are going to adore!

A picture of unicorn cookies
Image: Lauren Conrad

All the colours of the rainbow

And if you’re one of the many, many parents with little ones who are obsessed with unicorns, then we’ve got plenty of things they can personalise with delightful unicorn designs!

Whether it’s a Food Jar or Bento to transport your yummy unicorn treats—or something else like Labels, Bags or Stationery, Stuck On You has it covered!

A picture of a Stuck On You Food Jar with unicorn design
How did these unicorn recipes go down with your little ones? Have you got any others that have been a great success? Let us know in the comment section below!