Top 20 Names at Stuck on You. Is your name here?

Here at Stuck on You, we love seeing the gorgeous names that come our way. Based on our orders database, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular names in 2017 so far. Can you see your child’s name here?

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For boys, the name Jack topped the poll. Originally a nickname for the eternally popular John (meaning: God is gracious), Jack has become a popular name in its own right, regularly making the Top 10 lists in Australia and New Zealand.

The appeal of the name Jack may lie in its association with heroic TV and movie characters. Think Jack Reacher, Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy’s series), Jack Bauer (24) and Jack Dawson (Titanic). There’s also Jack Torrance (played by…. Jack Nicholson), the terrifying villain from The Shining. But let’s ignore that for now!

Historically, Jack was a stock character in legends and fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack and the Giant Killer. Like their modern counterparts, these Jacks also tended to be heroic, though usually through cunning and trickery.

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For the girls, Charlotte has reigned supreme. The feminine form of Charles, Charlotte means petite and feminine. This seems to fit the description for well-known Charlottes such as Charlotte from Sex and the City, Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web (well spiders are generally petite – I hope) and last but not least, the adorable little Princess Charlotte.

Speaking of royal names, William, Harry, and Isabella (daughter of Denmark’s Princess Mary) also made the Stuck on You lists.

Image: HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

Princess Charlotte reigns supreme – in our hearts anyway (technically she’s fourth in line to the throne).

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