Discover the importance of baby teeth and meet our new Tooth Fairy Box!

A picture of a tooth brush promoting the Tooth Fairy Box

We sit in the dentist’s chair to see why baby teeth are critical to a child’s development, as well as how an inside-running with the Tooth Fairy can be very rewarding.

Teething is not fun. It’s not fun for the babies going through it. It’s not fun for the parents watching on helplessly. And it’s not fun for the neighbours two doors down who can hear the screams over the football commentary.

Plus, it’s probably pretty easy to write those first baby teeth off as not all that important. After all, babies lose them anyway. Why does it have to be such an ordeal to get them in the first place?

But baby teeth are not as frivolous as they may seem. They actually play a vital role in your child’s early years.

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

There are a few significant things your child’s first set of chompers accomplish. Hint: discovering what the remote control feels like is not one of them.

Firstly and most obviously, they allow your child to start chewing and enjoying some form of solids. Baby teeth also help children begin the journey of pronouncing words.

The other role baby teeth have is as the ultimate placeholders. Like a stand-in who keeps a famous actor from ever doing an actual full day’s work, baby teeth “hold a place in the jaw for the permanent teeth to come through later.”

All of this means that it’s imperative to care for baby teeth. If they’re not looked after properly, they can actually cause problems with permanent teeth when they emerge.

And this level of care should extend to the precise moment kids start losing their baby teeth. They must make sure they hold onto them and store them in a safe place. Otherwise, they may not get a visit from the all-important Tooth Fairy.

A picture of a young girl fast asleep waiting for the Tooth Fairy

A fairy big deal

Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy has become one of those childhood institutions that has developed over a long time into a method of bribing—err, we mean encouraging—children to behave with the promise of a reward.

And while the Tooth Fairy may not be quite as prosperous as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, it’s also a lot less effort. All kids really have to do is fall asleep.

The history of the Tooth Fairy has in fact always been about a reward. It goes back to Norse traditions, where the event of a child losing his or her first tooth was literally paid with a tooth ‘fee’.

This has evolved into the modern version where children simply place a lost tooth under a pillow or on a bedside table to receive a visit in the middle of the night from a fairy. We decided these methods were both a bit icky (especially the pillow thing), and so we have improved on the idea!

A picture of the Stuck On You Tooth Fairy Boxes

The whole box and dice

At Stuck On You, we’ve made the whole experience of the Tooth Fairy even more magical—and personal—for kids. Our brand-new Tooth Fairy Box is a beautiful product that will make losing teeth a unique experience every time.

The box itself is made from paulownia wood and can be either colour-printed or engraved with a name and special design.

Inside the box is a series of twenty Tooth Fairy receipt cards for each visit, so leave a lost tooth in the box at night and replace it with a receipt (and any other goodies you wish) for your child to find in the morning!

To complement the Tooth Fairy Box, and to help educate kids about the importance of dental hygiene, we’ve also created a personalised storybook entitled The Great Tooth Fairy Mix-Up.

The book makes your child the hero of a story where the Tooth Fairy has the wrong schedule and is actually supposed to be visiting Finn the Shark first. Luckily, your child will solve the problem and help the Tooth Fairy on her way!

A picture of the Stuck On You Tooth Fairy Book

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