The joys of stationery! 5 ways that paper beats digital technology.

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In this highly digital age, it’s tempting to believe that a completely paperless world is just around the corner. However, computers can’t replace everything – there are still many ways in which the humble pen and paper triumph over digital modes of communication.


Simple does it.

It’s so easy to grab the nearest paper and pen when you want to get a thought out of your head. No need to turn on a computer, open apps, find a power source and wifi… Pen and paper allow a certain spontaneity that digital platforms cannot compete with.

When your wifi stops working
When your wifi stops working

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Fewer interruptions

When you’re writing something down in a physical notebook, it’s fairly unlikely that it will vibrate when someone calls or ding when someone likes your comment on social media. Fewer interruptions means that we are more likely to stay focused on the task at hand. In fact, multitasking has been shown to induce cortisol (stress hormone) production and adrenaline. It’s also been demonstrated to lower IQ. YIKES!

Better for our health

The light from screens can disturb our circadian rhythms and which in turn disrupts our sleep. Abnormal circadian rhythms are associated with a range of health and other problems, including diabetes, depression, obesity and motor vehicle accidents.

That personal touch

There is something quite intimate about taking pen to paper, a sense of intimacy that transmits to others. For example, receiving a written invitation feels more personal and lets the recipient know they are valued as an individual (as opposed to being one of many ‘friends’ on Facebook). Furthermore, physical invitations can be placed on the fridge or somewhere else to act as a visible reminder of an exciting event.

The sender also reaps benefits – recipients are more likely to reply to a written invitation than an e-vite.

Please to invite you

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Improved learning and goal-setting

Writing something with a pen or pencil improves our capacity to learn and remember. Several studies have shown that students who take handwritten notes perform better on conceptual questions than do students who use a laptop. While typing notes is associated with writing notes verbatim, using a pen encourages the writer to reframe the information, meaning that it engages a deeper form of information processing

The mechanics of writing also stimulate the Reticular Activating System or RAS (which distinguishes urgent from non-urgent information). This in turn sends a signal to the cerebral cortex, making it more alert. This RAS is useful when you want to set goals or smash out items on your daily to-do-list.

To do list


Of course, this wouldn’t be a balanced article without consideration to the advantages of digital technology. These include:


Sharing a random thought or obnoxiously boastful holiday photo has never been easier.


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Have you ever felt frustrated searching for a segment in a traditional book that you remembered reading but can’t find again? E-readers have mostly solved this problem with searchable functions, where you can type in key words/phases such as “Denitrification”, “Bayesian probability” or (purely hypothetical example) “The night the hogs ate Willy”.


OK, so this is not even close to a real word (yet), but you get the idea. The Cloud and its other competent cousins can retain our information beyond the next dropping-phone-down-toilet incident.


Is anyone else here old enough to recall that stomach-sinking feeling you got when you found a mistake on a hand-written school assignment?

Editing and proofreading is so much easier on digital platforms. The only possible downfall is auto-correct, which converts innocent texts into depravity (or vice versa if you’re a bit of a cheeky unit).

auto correct
Auto correct


Do you love the smell of fresh stationery in the morning? Do you die a little inside when someone loses your favourite pen? Are you waiting for perfume companies to release “Eau de New Stationery”? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of the above, then you might have a slight addiction to stationery.

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