10 terrifically terrible Father’s Day gifts.

Want to avoid giving dad the cliched socks and hankies this Father’s Day? Here are some unique gift ideas that he may love.. or not.


Nose and ear hair trimmer

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a personal grooming hint. This nose and ear hair trimmer literally gives that pesky excess hair the finger!

nose trimmer











Photo: The Paragon, via Offbeat

Chest hair toupee

Here’s where you can put that some of that excess hair.

Photo: Wilshire Wigs, via Cosmo

Socks and sandals socks

Kill two birds with one stone. Socks AND sandals in one hit!

Photo: boysstuff.co.uk

Dad the multi-tasker

These days, we continue to strive for gender equality. What better message to send to dad than to tell him to up his game and multi-task like Mum has done all these years?

Photo: Amazon

Hint hint…

A self-help book that sends a passive-aggressive message of his parental shortcomings.

Photo: Amazon

Speaking of scary books…

Photo: teamtimmyjoe.com

Father Nose Best

Bless you, Father…

Photo: Amazon


They say presentation is everything. What better way to ruin a perfectly lovely drink?

Photo: Big Mouth Inc

Wind beneath my wings

These babies allow Dad to let loose. At the office, in front of your friends.. as long as he keeps it quiet, who’s gonna know?

Photo: Fashion First Aid

Nanoblock sunglasses

Not the worst idea actually. Until the blocks fall and scratch his corneas or stab the soles of his feet as he steps on them (here’s where the feet sweepers might come in handy).

Photo: Japan Trend Shop via Refinery 29

Father’s Day gifts Dad will ACTUALLY want!

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