Teachers: Organise your classroom with personalised labels

Image: First Grade Made

Setting up your new classroom is a rite of passage for every teacher. Why not brighten things up with a range of personalised labels and stationery that will not only ensure all your resources are returned to the classroom, but will give your students a sense of belonging. Whenever they pick up a storybook, pencil or place a sticker on their reward chart they’ll know they belong in “Mrs Bright’s Classroom”.

Label everyday items in the classroom

Labels keep reinforcing new words and concepts, even when school is out. In the classroom, labels work in the same way as language acquisition. When you start learning a new language, you label everyday items like cutlery or tables in order to help you remember what they’re called. That’s the principal you want to work with here.

Keep track of your books

When you invest in new resources, it can be very frustrating when they go missing. Make sure all the books on your shelves are easily identifiable with bright and colourful Book Labels. Type in the name of your classroom, choose a font, colour combo and a design icon then hit the Preview button to see how your finished product will look. Stick these handy labels in all your books and finish the year with all the resources you started with!

Image: Teacher Bits and Bobs
Image: Teacher Bits and Bobs

Start a trend with personalised classroom stationery

Stuck On You has a range of shared stationery items that can all be personalised with the name of your grade, daycare room or classroom (eg. Grade 2/3 Morris, The Nest, Mr Brown’s Class etc).

Why not start with:

It will give your students a real sense of belonging, and they’re more likely to take care of items that are a bit “special”. You might even start a trend with the other teachers!

Ditch the Post-Its

You can keep using good old sticky notes, or you can freshen up your classroom with a set of Write On labels. The different packs available from Stuck On You come in a range of bright, colourful design icons that can assist with organising and labelling your new room. Grab a marker or Sharpie or marker and write whatever you’d like on these labels. The handy design icons will help you use them in the right place, eg. the apple icon can relate to food items, the ball icons can relate to sports equipment etc. They’re not going to go flying off like a Post-It and the scratch-resistant coating means they’ll last until the end of the school year.

Image: First Grade Made
Image: First Grade Made

Stay on top of allergies

The new range of Allergy Labels from Stuck On You can help make sure that everyone in the classroom is aware of a child’s allergies. Stick a label on their desk, cubbyhole, and anywhere that food is stored. The allergy labels come with a range of different icons that will assist kids, even if they can’t read yet. You could buy a pack of each so that you’re fully prepared for the coming year. Choose from

  • No dairy
  • No nuts
  • No eggs
  • No gluten
  • No seafood

Labels are a fun way of reminding children of the new things they’re learning about. At that age there’s a lot of information going in all at once, so it’s important to have easy visual reminders to help them remember new ideas, and to show them just how well they are progressing.


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