A picture of two young girls hugging for Friendship Day

Friendship Day 2019 is being celebrated worldwide today. We’ve got a few fantastic ideas to help your little ones make some besties. Ah, making friends—if only it were as easy as walking into the local retro-themed coffee house and trading sarcastic quips about life, love, careers and the Ugly Naked Guy. Well, luckily, Friendship Day […]

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Not Kidding

A picture of a parent with childless friends

Childless friends. You’ve probably got a few—but why have they made this choice and how do you keep them in your life? Life is unpredictable. One minute you’re a party animal, stumbling home at 5 am with no other objective than to crawl into bed. The next you’re a parent, peeling your head from the […]

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How to Become a Healthier and Stronger You

Being a mom means there isn’t a time of day that you don’t spend thinking about your children. Often this also means thinking even less about yourself. We don’t blame you, we know what it’s like! Always taking care of others can leave you feeling stressed, unhealthy, and tired and this can eventually affect the […]

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How to Make it Through Spring Cleaning Season

The days are getting longer and there comes that familiar itch to clean out the house and start fresh! If only we were all that excited about it… Are you looking at everything that has accumulated over the past year and wondering how on earth you’ll get it all done before Christmas, let alone Summer? […]

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Practical & emotional tips to prepare your child for camp

Packing their trunk is easy. Saying goodbye is hard. Often, it’s the emotional side of camp that can be the trickiest part to deal with… for both kids and their parents. Keep the lines of communication open in the weeks leading up to camp, discuss fears and anxieties, try to stay positive but equip your […]

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Move house without losing your mind

Image: Origin Energy

If you’re lucky (or unlucky!) enough to be moving house at this busy time of the year, we feel you! It’s hot. All your mates are off on holidays instead of being available to help. The kids are running rampant. And did we mention that it’s hot?! Sit down, take a load off and read […]

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10 Tips for the First Day of School

First Day of School Tips

There are few moments as a parent as emotional as your child’s first day of school, especially when it’s your first. I’ll never forget how enormous my son’s backpack looked on his tiny shoulders, his thin little legs sticking out from baggy, grey shorts or how lost I felt as I walked away from his classroom. […]

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10 Top Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Camp

Your child’s enjoyment at camp, like most things depends on their level of preparation. Managing their expectations of activities, routines and discussing concerns they might have in the weeks leading up to camp is a great way for you to oversee preparations. According to Connie Coutellier, director of professional development for the American Camping Association in […]

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