Quiz: Which Royal Are You?

A picture of a cat wearing a Royal crown.

Got your crown handy? Place it on carefully … and then find out which member of the Royal Family you are. This week, many of us across Australia observed the Queen’s birthday. Generally, this means a day off work and school. Or, in other words, a ‘royal’ long weekend—yay! We hope you were able to […]

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Unusual royal names

Prince and princess

Today we were excited to hear about the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Which got me thinking… here in Australia, the last two sets of royal pairings that had us hooked were Prince William and Catherine Middleton, and Prince Frederik (Crown Prince of Denmark) and “Our” Mary Donaldson. Catherine and Mary. Beautiful monikers that […]

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Hooked on royals! Why are we addicted to royalty?

Image: AFP- John Stilwell

Ever wondered why far-flung royals adorn our magazine covers? Why punters risk gaining or losing significant amounts of cash betting on the new royal baby’s hair colour? Does your mum still treasure her commemorative plate of Charles and Di’s wedding? With the Queen’s Birthday long weekend coming up (and recently gone for our readers across the Tasman Sea), […]

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