The importance of bedtime stories and how to make the most of them

Ahh the bedtime story. Usually enjoyable, sometimes a chore, but always important. We explore the benefits of reading to your child, provide tips on how to get the most out of bedtime reading and source suggestions for good bedtime stories. Why are bedtime stories good for children? The benefits of reading to your child are […]

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10 rhyming books to ignite a love of reading

Rhyming Books

There isn’t a child alive who doesn’t love hearing a story read aloud and rhyming books are a perfect place to start. If you start early enough, a love of reading will hopefully carry them throughout their lives. The words don’t have to make sense, it’s the sound of your voice that matters. That’s why it’s important […]

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Fab female fiction for your beach bag

Image: Sant Magazine

Being heavily pregnant during an Aussie heatwave means one thing: going to the toilet a lot. It also means another thing: lots of time to read. I’ve laid awake most nights this summer with a book in my hand, trying to forget about the beads of sweat forming behind my knees. So it’s safe to […]

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Stuck On Reading: Our October picks

Image: Shutterstock

Is there anything more divine than losing yourself between the pages of a book? For a few brief chapters, the piles of clean washing disappear and the dirty dishes vanish. Suddenly it’s just you, your imagination and a world of new friends waiting to (hopefully) change your life forever. Each month we’ll choose a selection of books we think […]

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