Ode to the Manhattan Tee (aka my Maternity uniform)

Blossom and Glow

Today is hot. Like, really hot. I just spilled coffee all over myself. My shoes are soggy. My hair is frizzy. I’m pregnant. And I’ve just run out of snacks. Yep, it’s one of those days. However, in the midst of the madness I’ve looked down at my poor, milk-stained T-shirt and thought… I’ve never loved an item of […]

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Your hospital bag: The stuff you don’t need

Image: Shutterstock

In those long final weeks of pregnancy, the Packing Of The Hospital Bag can become a bit of an obsession. During my first pregnancy I spent many hours researching, reading online forums and scanning the comments section of blogs to make sure I packed the “perfect” bag. This time around I know the truth: There’s […]

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Baby #2: The stuff I’m scared about

living lifes moments hero

When I started writing this post, I was worried it would get all deep and emotional and freak everybody out. But it turns out I’m not even that scared. I actually found it hard to come up with five things that terrify me. Which is a good sign, I guess! Less time with my big girl Ok. […]

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Baby #2: The stuff I’m excited about

Living Lifes Moments_hero

With less than three months to go, this baby is coming whether I’m ready or not. Each day is a new, exciting, emotional, scary, funny, anxiety-ridden roller coaster ride. Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, mostly I’m just busting for the loo. My thoughts and emotions are all over the place, so this is my […]

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Why Baby #2 will be a breeze (won’t it?)

Image: Living Life's Moments blog

The difference between your first and second baby can probably be summed up by what’s in your hospital bag. Let’s face it, by the time the big day arrives you will probably throw a pair of PJs in a canvas shopping bag and be done with it! Whether you’re already a seasoned pro, or your second is due any […]

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5 Amazing Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas.


Finding out the gender of your baby can be one of the most exciting things, after finding out you’re expecting of course! Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of gender reveal parties – whether you’re the parents and announce the gender at a party for your loved ones, or you all find out at the […]

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