Pet Symmetry

A picture of a child with family pets

RSPCA Cupcake Day is next Monday, August 19. To celebrate, we’re looking at how family pets can greatly influence your child’s development now and into the future. The RSPCA’s annual Cupcake Day is on August the 19th and is aimed at raising funds to fight animal cruelty. In honour of this fantastic initiative, we’re channelling […]

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What’s in a (pet) name?

We recently did a blog on the pet names that you give your human significant other – e.g. babe, snookums. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight onto our non-human loves. What kind of names do we give our fur/feather/slime babies? Years ago, traditional ‘pet’ names like Spot, Rover and Ginger ruled the roost. These days, […]

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3 low maintenance ‘starter’ pets for little ones


Children love animals, and once the idea of getting a pet enters their little head… it’s all they can talk about. It would be easy to cave and buy them all a puppy or a pony, but we all know that a three-year-old would have a pretty tricky time taking care of a high-maintenance pet (so […]

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Growing up with a pet: Why it’s awesome

Image: Pexels

Lots of kids have been lucky enough to receive a brand new pet for Christmas. Other families might be considering adopting a pet sometime this year. We all know a pet can bring many years of happiness, but there are also plenty of unexpected benefits… Self-esteem boosters There’s actual, proper, scientific-type research showing that kids with pets […]

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