Like Giving Candy To A Baby

A picture of grapes

From cotton candy grapes to bubbleberries, here are some fun ways to get your kids eating more fruit and veg. Grapes that taste like fairy floss and mini cucumbers that taste (slightly) like lemon. No, you’re not dreaming. These exist and make for great options if you want to expand your fruit and veg horizons. […]

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4 Tips to Get Your Kids Eating Healthier

It can be a tough old job when there are so many tasty yet terribly unhealthy snacks around. Chocolate bars, sour gums, salty crisps, sherbet dips, penny sweets, sugary spreads…. the list is endless. It does little good trying to convince our little ones of the value of a healthy diet; what we need to […]

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5 BLING Bento Box ideas to keep you warm and fuzzy this winter!

The word Bento relates to a Japanese packed lunch, thought to originate back in 1185. Traditionally consisting of vegetables, rice and sashimi, Bento meals are offered by restaurants as a good catering option for business meetings or as a delicious takeaway meal on the go. In Japan, it’s also common for Bento to be prepared […]

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4 Winning Winter Soups

Keep  wonderfully warm this windy winter with these winning winter soups, guaranteed to please kids and adults alike. Spiced up pumpkin and sweet potato soup Pumpkin soup is a winter classic. This recipe has been spiced up with with one of the Screaming Seeds spice combos called Kashmiri Krush (Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Tumeric, Black Mustard […]

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100 tasty ideas for your Bento Box

Stuck On You Bento Box

So, you’ve got your shiny new Bento Box and you’re ready to conquer the “What do I pack for school lunches?” dilemma. Now, where to start? Here are 100 items you can mix and match for your child’s Bento Box or school lunch box. Cut them into shapes, thread them on skewers, spread them, roll […]

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3 easy freeze-ahead snacks for kids

Image: Melbourne Food Files

With these three handy snacks bagged up and ready to go in your freezer, you might be able to avoid the inevitable 3pm chorus of “I’m huuuuuungry!”. Plan ahead and you’ll be able to high-five yourself later. These are particularly good if you’ve got a newborn on the way and want to stock up on […]

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A popsicle for every colour of the rainbow


Taste the rainbow with this kaleidoscope of delicious and healthy icy poles (or popsicles, whatever you call them!). We’ve covered the whole spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Get the kids to help out. The hardest part will be waiting for these delicious treats to freeze! Red: Raspberry Mint Icy Poles What you’ll […]

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Wok and roll: 3 recipes to whip up in your wok

Image: Girl Carnivore

If you scored a wok for Christmas, or you’ve had one for years but never bother using it – now is the time! Woks are an awesome kitchen tool that we often under-utilise (or use in the wrong way). Sure, they’re perfect for stir fries but you can do plenty of other tasty dishes as […]

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7 not-too-naughty dips for summer

taste of home

If you’re drooling at the photos in this post, have some sympathy for the 20-week pregnant author! It was all I could do not to race home and immediately start whipping up each of these recipes (for the baby, you understand, not me!). Make friends at your next house party, or simply veg out on the […]

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