5 easy DIY natural cleaning products

Natural cleaning

Are you wary of commercially available cleaning agents that are packed with unpronounceable ingredients and synthetic smells? Want some easy, cheap and safe alternatives that won’t contribute to indoor air pollution? Look no further! We have put together a list of excellent DIY ‘recipes’ for natural cleaning products that are eco-friendly and safe for the […]

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How to Make it Through Spring Cleaning Season

The days are getting longer and there comes that familiar itch to clean out the house and start fresh! If only we were all that excited about it… Are you looking at everything that has accumulated over the past year and wondering how on earth you’ll get it all done before Christmas, let alone Summer? […]

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How to remove 15 common (and annoying) stains

Image: Clean Home Projects

Stains and kids go hand-in-hand. Wherever a child has been, a stain is sure to follow. Whether it’s you, the child, the couch or the carpet there’s no avoiding it! The best thing you can do is act fast, because the longer it’s been there the harder it is to remove. Be gentle, spot test […]

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Creative Ways to Get Kids Cleaning Their Room


Stuck on You mums are the best parenting resource ever! In a recent Facebook competition we asked you to share the creative ways you get kids to clean their rooms and the ideas were awesome. We compiled our top 10 into this list and invite you to try them with your kids. Let us know […]

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