Lunchbox Ideas – No More Sandwiches

Free Printable Lunchbox ideas - no more sandwiches

Need some Lunchbox Ideas? Are your kids tired of sandwiches? Do you need some lunchbox inspiration for school? There is plenty of sandwich-free lunchbox inspiration in the third and final post in our Lunchbox Inspiration series. From rice cakes to pasta, there are plenty of options available to mix up the daily lunch, and keep […]

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Fun with Food


Our recent post Easy Lunchbox Ideas inspired us to have some more fun with food. Each of these little snacks were even easier to make than the lunches – and more fun! A lot of the time the food will inspire you itself, but we took a little inspiration from, Stuck on You too. See […]

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Lunchbox Notes for First Day of School!

Stuck on You Lunchbox Notes

In a recent blog post we shared 10 tips to help prepare for the first day of school. One of those tips is to pop a little note into your child’ss school lunchbox, so they know you are thinking of them throughout the day. At Stuck on You ┬« we are excited to launch our […]

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6 Easy Lunchbox Ideas

Nude Food

Exhausted after the holidays? We thought you could use some easy lunchbox ideas and inspiration. Nude food – Many schools have Nude Food Day or a Nude Food policy meaning no wrappers, paper or plastic so little snack-filled containers are ┬ásuper easy. They are also perfect for fussy eaters, sandwich haters and grazers too. Made […]

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The Ultimate Kid’s Lunchbox Guide

I often write little love messages and pop them in my kid’s lunchboxes. Recently, one came back to me saying, “No more honey sandwiches, please!” I got the hint and appealed to the fabulous resource that is the Stuck on You Facebook Fans. This post got a huge response with so many fabulous, nutritious and […]

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