The Winter’s Circle

A picture of a child cooking winter food

The best winter food options you can pack into your children’s lunchboxes. If you’re thinking it’s getting harder to get your children up in the morning, you’re probably right. The colder months are looming large, and the task of exiting the comfort and security of a toasty warm bed is becoming more unwelcome for all […]

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Allergy-friendly Bento

Children living with allergies can often feel left out when they’re on the school playground, picnics, birthday parties and sleepover. However, many parents are starting to notice the positive effects of Bento Boxes for children with allergies. They provide kids fun and interesting lunches that ensure that they stand out for the right reasons! In […]

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The best nut free school lunches – by Shell and Olive

Shell and Olive Nut Free School Lunches

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Martina from Shell and Olive, mama to Sebastian, Theo and Evelyn. Enjoy! Feeding a toddler is never easy. Trying to figure out peanut-free lunches when you’ve never had to think about peanuts before can be even more challenging. Sebastian started pre-k 3 this year and was super […]

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Bento Box ideas for adults

Taco bento

The Bento Box has swept playgrounds across the world, with kids (and parents) loving their colourful and fun presentation of food. Adults are increasingly hopping on the Bento Bandwagon in recognition of their eco-friendliness (no need for packaging) and encouragement of healthy portion control. Furthermore, for those so inclined, Bento preparation is said to be […]

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5 BLING Bento Box ideas to keep you warm and fuzzy this winter!

The word Bento relates to a Japanese packed lunch, thought to originate back in 1185. Traditionally consisting of vegetables, rice and sashimi, Bento meals are offered by restaurants as a good catering option for business meetings or as a delicious takeaway meal on the go. In Japan, it’s also common for Bento to be prepared […]

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100 tasty ideas for your Bento Box

Stuck On You Bento Box

So, you’ve got your shiny new Bento Box and you’re ready to conquer the “What do I pack for school lunches?” dilemma. Now, where to start? Here are 100 items you can mix and match for your child’s Bento Box or school lunch box. Cut them into shapes, thread them on skewers, spread them, roll […]

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3 easy freeze-ahead snacks for kids

Image: Melbourne Food Files

With these three handy snacks bagged up and ready to go in your freezer, you might be able to avoid the inevitable 3pm chorus of “I’m huuuuuungry!”. Plan ahead and you’ll be able to high-five yourself later. These are particularly good if you’ve got a newborn on the way and want to stock up on […]

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School lunches: Why variety is key

Buy a Stuck On You Bento Box

George from @schoollunchbox writes today’s guest post. This “lunchbox dad” George has amassed a huge following on Instagram and through his blog.

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10 delicious winter lunchbox ideas


Back to school can bring about the struggle to come up with delicious and healthy lunchbox ideas that have your kids asking for more instead of trading with friends. Get inspired this winter term and embrace the chilly weather by looking to classic options for your winter lunchboxes. Here are our favourite lunchbox tips and […]

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