Top 20 Names at Stuck on You. Is your name here?

Here at Stuck on You, we love seeing the gorgeous names that come our way. Based on our orders database, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular names in 2017 so far. Can you see your child’s name here? For boys, the name Jack topped the poll. Originally a nickname for the eternally popular John […]

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5 Weird and Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

From naming their kids after a fruit, to bizarre combinations that make us wonder if they were made on purpose or just a cute coincidence, celebrities never cease to surprise us with the names they choose for their kids. At Stuck on You we pride ourselves in personalizing your kid’s names on labels so that […]

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10 Quirky Baby Names

Most Unusual Baby Names

These days in the playground you’re more likely to find a Zedah than a Sarah, a Tyto than a Tyrone. Quirky baby names that are a little bit left of centre and little bit unique are always around, and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ones! 1.Mathias and Mateo Variations of the more traditional […]

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The Best of the Mummy blogs – Issue 2


Welcome to our second #BOTB post! You’re busy. We understand. To help you keep an eye on the hottest parenting topics each week, we’ve pulled together a list of the top five most talked about articles in the Mummy Blogger world. This week includes a great piece on how to find time for everything, because […]

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At Stuck on You, it’s no secret that we LOVE names lists and we know that you do too. Our recent lists Vintage Baby Names, Top 100 Unusual Baby Names or Top 20 Unisex Names are all very popular. This time, we scanned the hundreds of Baby Center celebrity baby names, and chose our favourites to bring you our list of […]

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Top 100 Unusual Baby Names

100 Unusual baby Names | Stuck on You

There are many websites devoted to baby names, baby name lists, their meanings and their origins, countless resources for parents to gain inspiration for naming their babies. This list of 100 unusual baby names was put together by Essential Baby, the list gathered from two baby names websites’s ‘unusual baby names of 2013’ and’s list of […]

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100 Most Popular Names in the USA

Top 10 Baby Names in USA | Stuck on You

If you follow the Stuck on You Blog, you would have read our recently published, Top 100 Baby Names in Australia. Now, it’s the USA’s turn, with the 100 Most Popular Names in the USA, taken from an ongoing database collated on the website, Nameberry. Names such as Sophie, Isabella, Emily and Noah , Ethan and […]

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Top 20 Unisex Names

Top 20 Unisex Names for 2013 | Stuck on You

Top 20 Unisex Names for 2013  As we continue on our baby names theme (see our recent blog posts 6 Decades of Baby Names for Girls and Top 100 Baby Names in Australia) I stumbled upon this list on a website called Nameberry and had to share it. For lovers of names, lists of names or those looking […]

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Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls in USA

At Stuck on You, we are in the name business and see a HUGE diversity of names in personalised orders for our products. We love researching the their popularity, keeping an eye on trends and following the latest Top 100 Names lists from country to country. (Read our recent post, Top 100 Baby Names in Australia) […]

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Top 100 Baby Names in Australia

When you’re in the personalisation business, you can’t help but be fascinated with names. Here at Stuck on You HQ, we have a large television screen in our office that tells us the most popular name placed on orders on our website. Right now the name on the screen is Liam. Last week it was […]

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