What sounds do animals make around the world?

Humans around the world don’t all speak the one language, so why should we expect animals to sound the same everywhere? Check out the sounds that animals make around the world. Dogs English: Woof Indonesian: Guk guk Dutch: Blaf Korean: Meong via GIPHY Cats English: Meow Russian: Myau Vietnamese: Meo Korean: Yaong Pigs English: Oink […]

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3 low maintenance ‘starter’ pets for little ones


Children love animals, and once the idea of getting a pet enters their little head… it’s all they can talk about. It would be easy to cave and buy them all a puppy or a pony, but we all know that a three-year-old would have a pretty tricky time taking care of a high-maintenance pet (so […]

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Growing up with a pet: Why it’s awesome

Image: Pexels

Lots of kids have been lucky enough to receive a brand new pet for Christmas. Other families might be considering adopting a pet sometime this year. We all know a pet can bring many years of happiness, but there are also plenty of unexpected benefits… Self-esteem boosters There’s actual, proper, scientific-type research showing that kids with pets […]

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