The School of Sustainability

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Encouraging children to have a sustainable school life can be tricky. Here are some tips to help make them green all day long.

Sustainable school life is not really a parent’s responsibility, right? You just have to get them clothed, fed and at school on time; the teachers and staff can take care of everything else after that.

But as we all know, being sustainable is everyone’s responsibility nowadays. We can’t simply have the attitude that, once our kids cross the threshold and into the outside world, we wash our hands of them and every impact they may have on the planet.

We need to take steps for them to be environmentally conscious before, after and during school. So these are our top ways that you can have a child with a sustainable school life.

Commuter nerds

Rethinking how you get your kids to and from school is one of the big ways you can start to implement a sustainable school life.

If there’s any scope for kids to walk to school—even just once or twice a week—then it will make a great difference.

Do other kids from the same school live in your area? Perhaps you could form a walking group, where the parents take turns to walk everyone safely to school?

Not only will this be great for everyone’s health, but it will get a few cars off the road every time. Then as soon as the kids are old enough, they can make the journey without your supervision.

And if walking is not an option then you could take it in turns to carpool—which will still do the environment some good.

Be uniformulaic

You don’t need us to tell you that kids grow up quickly. This means that if they need to wear school uniforms, then those clothes can become redundant just as fast.

But this doesn’t have to mean that uniforms end up in landfill as soon as your little one starts doing an impression of the Hulk.

When buying new items of clothing for a school uniform, such as school polo shirts, do so sustainably by ensuring they’re from a Fair Trade source.

Then, if you’ve looked after those uniforms, they can always get a second, third or fourth life. Save them for your younger kids who will be going to school soon, or donate them to thrift stores for other families to use.

Similarly, when it is your time to upgrade, then you can check out those same charitable shops for uniforms donated by other families also focused on sustainable school life.

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The supplies have it

Kids need tools to be successful at school. We’re not talking hammers, screwdrivers or paintbrushes—although if they’re old enough to help you with an afterschool project, then why not?

We mean the more academic sort of tools: pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and scissors.

Make sure to acquire items that, whether from a new or second-hand source, are of high quality. This will have the obvious effect of having them last for years to come—hopefully for other children to use down the track.

Then, utilise items that are personalised as opposed to a fad. A stationery set covered in characters from the latest Pixar movie, for example, is likely to be tossed aside as soon as it’s no longer cool. Personalised stationery, however, will be treasured, cared for, and used for a long time.

A picture of Stuck On You Pencils

Create a Bento-vironment

And the biggie for having a child with a sustainable school life: eliminating food wrapping by using a Stuck On You Bento!

Our famous Bento Box reduces waste by 30 kilograms per schoolchild every year. So if you haven’t already, make sure you join the revolution today!

Do you have any other tips to create a sustainable school life for your kids? Let us know in the comment section below!