’Tis the Season to be Sustainable

A picture of a Santa sack for a sustainable Christmas

We’ve got a few great tips and some fantastic products to help you celebrate an environmentally-conscious and sustainable Christmas.

A sustainable Christmas sounds like the kind of wet blanket idea Ebeneezer Scrooge would bring to the table when the festive season rolls around.

He’d be there stopping you from turning on the Christmas lights as a cost-effective way of saving electricity—or suggesting you have cheese and crackers for dinner to prevent the need to use the stove.

Meanwhile, there’s Tiny Tim in the corner—upset and wondering why there can’t be just a little Christmas cheer.

Wow, Charles Dickens really made it all kind of bleak, didn’t he?


The ghost of Christmas past

But that’s definitely not what we’re talking about when we suggest the idea of a sustainable Christmas.

It’s not about robbing you of any atmosphere or fun as only the Grinch could; it’s about some simple ways to ensure your Christmas is both fun and thoughtful.

As a species we have historically done Christmas a certain way for a long time—and that way has always been fairly wasteful.

Plastic trees that don’t last, excess food that doesn’t keep, throwaway gifts—as well as the endless supply of wrapping paper—are all unsustainable practices we have carried out for way too long.

A picture of some Christmas stockings hanging in a room


The ghost of Christmas present

And while we’re more environmentally-focused these days, this sensitivity can often go out the window during the silly season.

We’re all so busy in our everyday lives and so frantic to get everything organised for Christmas that it’s just easier to buy that quick-fix package-laden toy and wrap it in paper than think outside the box.

But it’s at Christmas time when we need to be the most conscientious with what we buy and use. According to Australian Ethical, “rubbish volumes rise by 30% around Christmas.”

A picture of a Christmas mug


The ghost of Christmas yet to come

So the big question is what can we do moving forward? Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell the kids that Christmas is cancelled.

Like other aspects of helping the environment, even small changes can start to make a difference. Here are our top tips towards a sustainable Christmas:

  • Rather than using a plastic tree, why not decorate an indoor plant that can stand the rigours of supporting tinsel for a few weeks?
  • If you have Christmas lights, make sure they’re not on when there is no one around to enjoy them. Or, better yet, use solar-powered lights!
  • If you’re buying presents that need batteries, ensure you get the rechargeable kind.
  • Take our advice about starting Christmas early and use the extra time to make some presents with the kids out of items you’ve already got scattered around the house.
  • Focus on giving presents that are going to help your sustainability efforts all year. Did you know our Bento Boxes and Food Jars reduce school lunch waste by 30 kg per child every year? What a perfect present!
  • And one of the simplest quick wins you can have? Ditch all that wrapping paper and hide the presents from the kids with one of our cute Santa Sacks, Christmas Pouches or Stockings. They all come with personalisation and the choice of lots of adorable Christmas designs!

A picture of Stuck On You Christmas products

Do you have any other great tips for how to have a more sustainable Christmas? Let us know in the comment section below!