12 ways that parents are the ultimate superheroes

On the eve of National Superhero Day (which I bet you already knew about!), we pay homage to the real superheroes of this world – mums and dads.

Here are 12 ways that parents are the ultimate superheroes.

You already have the right uniform

It’s no coincidence that the standard mum-getup of tights, boots and an over-sized shirt resembles Superman’s gear.

Kids have been dropped off at school. Now for the cafe…

You are on the alert 24/7

There’s no rest for superheroes, and parents are no exception. Sick bubs, midnight feeds… you are expected to be available around the clock. And you succeed – mostly.

You have amazing spidey senses

Your ability to sense imminent danger is astounding, whether it be a suspiciously quiet house or a child who’s just been dosed up with lollies by grandma.

You have lightning-quick reflexes

You don’t just sense danger. You respond to it with lightning speed, leaping (Lego) buildings in a single bound to catch that falling glass of milk or intercept your crayon-wielding toddler.

Multitasking? You can do that in your sleep!


You possess the powers of foresight

You can predict what’s going to happen when your toilet-training child’s face gets ‘that look’.

You have super-human immunity

Your immune system has become robust due to all the exposure to germs from daycare, school, or that time your bub licked the seats on the bus. You either are the last in your family to get sick, don’t get sick at all, or get sick but manage to power through and look after your family anyway.

You are the master of disguise

From disguising vegetables in every dinner, to disguising boredom during your child’s lengthy re-telling of that time the tuckshop ran out of Milo, even Superman would struggle with these.



You are the master of stealth

A ninja’s stealth skills are not a patch on a motivated parent’s ability to sneak a chocolate past the eyes and hands of their little ones.

You can transform yourself with remarkable speed and efficiency

If you thought Clark Kent was good, you haven’t witnessed the speedy transformation of a pants-less and sleep-deprived mum being surprised by a forgotten tradie at the door.

To summon you, all someone has to do is look up at the sky and shout your name


You have the power to heal

A hug from mum or dad makes everything better.