Stuck on You: How It All Began

Have you ever had a brilliant idea to solve a problem at home or at work, and thought “everyone should have this!” Well, at Stuck on You we know that feeling. In fact, how do you think it all began?

Our story begins in 1995, when Carrie Felton, raising the eldest of three boys, realized she was heading straight into a future filled with sports gear, toys, socks, towels, books and lunchboxes. She knew she’d have a headache when the inevitable questions of “Where is my water bottle?” or “But he’s using my t-shirt!” arose. 

Carrie decided that if everything was labeled beforehand, she could save herself from going crazy when Charlie’s new baby brother arrived. 

When she went to her local print shop to get labels for Charlie’s things, it dawned on her he was too young to read… Ok. So, why not add a familiar icon next to his name? Charlie loved airplanes, and this way he would always be able to recognize his belongings. However, when she asked for an image of an airplane next to the name, all she got in return were blank stares.

Witnesses say that they saw her fleeing the printing store with a lightbulb over her head – literally. Trust us, knowing her this is probably true! As she lifted her son out of her car, juggling a teddy bear and grocery bags, and walked inside her home, the idea for Stuck on You had…stuck.

22 years later, we don’t just offer you one or two little icons to sit alongside your child’s name. We offer you more than 50 icons, each one lovingly designed by our in-house graphic designers.

What else makes our labels so special?

Different sizes: Large, medium, small, and even mini! The labels can go on clothes, tiny toys, shoes, pencils, and everything in between!


Shapes: You can choose from a variety of shapes, like round, square, or star. You simply can’t go wrong!


Premium quality:  Stuck on You’s reputation is built on quality, so all labels are safe for dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and dryers. Because they are made from vinyl, they are 100% waterproof – for those occasional spills and days spent playing outside.

Stuck on anything: Whether you want stick-on, iron-on, or even multi-use, these labels will save you plenty of trips to the Lost-and-Found and even more money in replacement items!

SOY-Historia-Notas-multi use

But wait! An idea as bright as Carrie’s can only get bigger and better with time. So apart from offering an easy and fun way to organize children’s belongings with personalized labels, Stuck on You has gone on to create a whole line of backpacks, lunchboxes, accessories, stationery, and gifts that, aside from being incredibly adorable on their own, can also be personalized.

At Stuck on You, we have something for everyone. And yes… Charlie’s airplane is still there!