Celebrating Stuck On You families for our 25th birthday!

A picture of lots of Stuck On You families

Our twenty-fifth birthday celebrations are sadly drawing to a close, and so we want to take a moment to thank our beloved Stuck On You families.

The cake is all but eaten and the balloons are almost out of air. Our twenty-fifth birthday party is finally coming to an end and we’re definitely going to have a slight headache in the aftermath!

It’s been a lot of fun travelling down memory lane for the past few weeks. We’ve dug out old products and remarked how much they’ve evolved over the years. We’ve revisited our past websites and marvelled at how anything ever worked on dial-up internet. We even had a laugh about just how painstaking our processes used to be—we do not miss old-school mail orders!

Most importantly, we’ve acknowledged there was a time when parachute pants were in fashion and forgiven ourselves for ever sporting them. From acceptance comes growth.

And, so, with all the candles blown out and the toasts made, we wanted to finish off by celebrating the most important part of Stuck On You—and that’s you!

Stuck On You would be nothing without the amazing families who adore our products. Our passion is helping to make your lives more organised and sustainable, and we especially love facilitating personalisation that makes those products truly yours!

In a recent blog, we asked Ava, a four-year-old Stuck On You fan, about why she loves her Bento; but we’ve taken things to an even grander scale this time and chatted with four wonderful families—the McKendrick family, the Hope family, the Brocker family and the Shirley family—to find out just what Stuck On You means to them.

Stuck On You: What’s your first experience with a Stuck On You product?

McKendrick family: Our family first used Stuck On You products when my son was in kindergarten, well over twenty years ago. The products are tried and tested!

Hope family: Our first experience with Stuck On You was when my husband and I first ‘blended’ our families, ‘Brady Bunch’-style, in 2001. We had five children, aged between two and seven. This later grew to six with the birth of our son.

Brocker family: I lived in Hong Kong. My first son was born and friends from Australia bought our first set of labels.

Shirley family: A Bento Box and Stick-On Labels.

A picture of old vs new Stuck On You Labels
Stuck On You Labels 1995 vs 2020!

Stuck On You: How have Stuck On You products made your life easier and more organised?

McKendrick family: School clothes are expensive! When they go missing, there is a ninety per cent chance things will be returned if they have a Stuck On You label—and a hundred per cent chance they won’t be returned if they don’t!

Hope family: We needed Stuck On You Labels for everything, from drink bottles and lunchboxes to Iron-On Labels for clothes.
Each of our children had colour-coded name labels and the introduction of motifs meant the kids were able to choose their own symbols. These symbols reflected their personalities, which I think was special and it was a great marketing move for the brand. It was copied I don’t know how many times over by others, but no one else’s was ever as good as Stuck On You.

Brocker family: I didn’t label shirts before school started, and of course one went missing on the first day! I learnt the value of labels with drink bottles; so many kids had the same drink bottles at sport and we’d never work out which ones were ours until labelling them.
Bento Boxes are also fabulous to help organise a variety of different foods at lunch. We all manage to get some veggies and nuts now!

Shirley family: The labels have been fantastic, as the quality is excellent and we don’t have to worry about anything getting lost. We absolutely adore the Bento Boxes too, because the kids love them and we don’t have to get snacks all day; they just use their boxes! 

A picture of a twenty-year-old label
This is what a twenty-year-old Stuck On You Label that’s been through the dishwasher hundreds of times looks like!

Stuck On You: What is your favourite Stuck On You product?

McKendrick family: The Iron-On Name Labels and Shoes Labels are both game-changers; they save so much time and effort!

Hope family: We’re hard-pressed to pick a favourite between Stick-On Labels for plastics and Iron-On Labels for clothing.
But the items that caused the most arguments in our large household were socks. A million white school socks would have been orphaned had it not been for Stuck On You Iron-On Labels!

Brocker family: Iron-On Labels. I hate sewing. They stay on and you can choose bright colours for young kids and more ‘discrete’ labels for tweens and teens.

Shirley family: The Bento Box for sure!

Stuck On You: What are the three words you’d use to describe Stuck On You?

McKendrick family: Innovative and well designed. Time-saving. Good value.

Hope family: Brilliant. Innovative. Lifesaver.

Brocker family: Reliable every time.

Shirley family: Quality. Durable. Unique.

A picture of lots of Stuck On You kids
Stuck On You products bring so much joy to so many people!

Thanks to the four amazing families for sharing their thoughts about Stuck On You, and thanks to everyone for your support over twenty-five years. We’d love to hear any other stories on our Facebook page, and we can’t wait to see what the next twenty-five years will bring!