Kids stuck at home? Exercise their brains with our free activities

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It’s not just about maintaining children’s physical activity during home isolation, but also their minds with fun and creative play. Our Stuck At Home page is here to help with free activities for all ages and stages!

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for parents with kids not attending school. But Stuck On You is here to help in whatever way we can!

We know that, as parents, you’ve survived tantrums in shopping centres, crayon masterpieces on freshly painted walls, and crying fits when peanut butter jars are empty. But this current situation is a whole new level that none of us has ever experienced before.

Life finds a way

Kids are suddenly underfoot 24/7 while you work from home, undertake domestic chores and try to complete everything else on your to-do list. You really should be receiving a Nobel Prize some days.

And it can be hard to find the right kinds of resources to keep kids engaged, entertained and perhaps even learning. Which is why we’ve created Stuck At Home. It’s the brand-new section of our website devoted to free activities, games and puzzles!

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Time is money, but these activities are free

The Stuck At Home activities are designed as a fun distraction for little brains. Kids will get a kick out of them and maybe even learn a thing or two! Think of them as the sprinkles on top of the ice cream that is school.

We’ve got activities that focus on vocabulary, like find-a-words, vowel games and sound games. For older kids, we have jokes and riddles, plus resources to write to teachers and other members of the community.

Number comprehension is covered with different counting games, as well as a spinner game and activity dice that also integrate physical exercise into the learning.

Kids’ creative and fun sides are also catered for with heaps of colouring pages, finger puppets, dot-to-dots, ‘I Spy’ games, bingo, scavenger hunts and paper-folding activities.

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One size benefits all

We’ve categorised our activities into age ranges, so with only a few clicks, it’s easy to find activities to engage your kids in all kinds of fun and interesting ways.

If you have several children they can even undertake activities together. The Indoor Scavenger Hunt, for example, is perfect to learn about teamwork, helping others, and adjusting to different levels of comprehension.

But more than this, these activities will also help to improve other life skills like problem-solving, patience, perseverance and resilience

Children may not get the right answer to a puzzle; they might not win at Backyard Bingo; or their drawings may not turn out quite as they’d hoped. But as explains, there’s no better way for children “to gain an understanding of the world around them than by letting them literally manipulate the world around them.”

All of these important life lessons will make kids better people when life goes back to some semblance of normality. It’s where we hope Stuck At Home helps you and your kids—while having lots of fun along the way!

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We’d love to hear what you think of the Stuck At Home activities page. We’re also creating more activities all the time, so tell us on Facebook what you’re keen to see!