Ahoy there maties! This is the new Captain of the Stuck on You Crew speaking. I am taking over the helm from the fabulous Kellie Bright who has just welcomed the arrival of a wee one. Before we embark on our new adventures together, I want to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my Stuck on You journey so far..

I first encountered Stuck on You a few years ago when purchasing second-hand school uniforms for my eldest child. I noticed that a few of the items had these super-cute name labels on them. Hesitant as I was to mess with these creations, logic dictated that the name on my child’s clothes should match what was on her birth certificate, so I decided they had to go. I made several fruitless attempts to scratch off/water bomb these surprisingly robust labels before giving up and wondering whether my daughter would object to changing her name to Samantha Wong (or Thomas F Wilson on sports days).


               Deed poll is not cheep 

I knew the sensible option was to jump on the Stuck on You boat and get some labels, pronto. However, laziness won out. Hindsight is of course 20/20 and I realised that this was the wrong decision when I recently did a mental stocktake of a) how much time I’ve wasted wading through lost property only to come back empty-handed b) expensive last-minute shopping trips to replace lost items that were urgently needed the next morning.

Fast forward a few years and I now have the privilege of working with the fabulous crew that forms the brains behind the beauty. My mission, which I’ve chosen to accept, is to help you live an organised life filled with colour, beauty and fun.

Now, I will not claim to be the organised life guru. In fact, quite the opposite. People who know and (apparently) love me have called me such things as “neatness challenged”, “delightfully cluttered” and “a complete pig” (thanks Mum).

I’d like to be as cool as Annabel Crabb and say that the mess and the clutter don’t bother me. But they do. A lot. Because I’m tired of losing things constantly. I’m tired of feeling icky and demotivated on the inside because my outside environment is a physical mess. I’m tired of cleaning behind the fridge for the first time in two years and finding eggs – non chocolate variety – whose insides have completely evaporated (OK, that was vaguely amusing).


Most of all, I’m worried because I can see my children following in my footsteps. While it’s perfectly fine if they grow up and decide to Be Like Crabb, I’d like to know that I at least equipped them with the knowledge and skills to run an organised household.

So let’s sail this ship together. I will bring my research background and my strong motivation to be a calmer, more organised parent. You will bring your enthusiasm, wisdom and fun. Because as the old adage (sort of) goes, there is no ‘I’ in ‘Crew’.*

*Though there is in ‘pile-up’, ‘ick’ and ‘what the heck is that?’


My family’s labelling story has a happy ending. We finally got some name labels and the children have shown a pride of ownership previously limited to glittery or battery-operated things. Sadly, my relationship with Lost Property has withered significantly since I started breaking our weekly dates.