QUIZ: Are you a stationery addict?

Papyrophilia is an obsessive love of paper, but in common-usage terms, this extends to an obsessive love of all things stationery.

Take this highly sophisticated quiz to find out if you’re a stationery addict.


(Tick all that apply)

You organise your pens by colour, brand, nib type or some other miscellaneous feature. 

Upon finding a pen you like, you immediately go out and buy all the other colours (plus a handful of spares – just in case).

You feel traumatised when you lose a pen lid. 

You convince yourself that you can’t start a new task until you’ve bought the right list pad for it.


In choosing the right notebook, you have strong preferences over line style, line width, paper thickness and level of match with your favourite pen.

You feel instantly productive from purchasing new stationery.

You tear a page out of your notebook when you’ve made a mistake.

You have a notebook dedicated to writing lists.

You own a collection of erasers that are way too cute to use. 

You have a dedicated stationery cupboard in your home.

Personalised Stationery

You’ve been excited to start a new school year or a new job simply for the new stationery.

You feel robbed when you find out your child’s school already provides set stationery…

Because you love helping the kids do their back-to-school shopping and gently guiding/bribing/blackmailing them into choosing the perfect stationery…

Even though you secretly hope they don’t use it because it’s so pretty.

You own washi tape.

You didn’t just need to google ‘washi tape’.

Someone calls you a dinosaur for still using pen and paper to organise your life…

Then you feel a bit smug when that person’s electronic calendar craps itself and they lose their entire schedule.


The New Year is exciting because you get to start using your new planners and calendars.

You feel panicky when someone asks to borrow your favourite pen…

And while you lend it to them anyway because you’re a nice person, you secretly die on the inside each time they press down on the nib too hard.

So you’ve now stocked up on ‘boring’ pens that you can lend to people without having a nervous breakdown. 


When you were in high school, doodling your future married name was just as satisfying for the penmanship as for the sentiment contained. The prettier your new name looked in writing, the more you felt it was a match made in heaven. 

You feel like crying when you notice that that gorgeous notebook you want to buy at the shop is tainted with a spelling mistake (I’m looking at you, beautiful ecru-with-gold-embossing-and-gilt-edged-foiling journal declaring ‘Follow your dreams’)

No matter what your general spelling ability, you always know how to spell ‘stationery’ correctly.

This cool sketchbook is part of Stuck On You‘s llamazing stationery range!

You know what thermography is.

You have considered rearranging your social life so that the entries in your planner look ‘regular’. Even if it means writing ‘go to work’ or ‘make coffee’ to fill up those weekdays. 

Forget bullet trains, Mount Fuji and cherry blossom festivals. You’re going to Japan for the stationery shopping. 

You love post-its so much that you own a variety of colours, patterns and shapes.

You love post-its so much that you’re tempted to lie about having invented them at your next school reunion

Tally the number of items you ticked to get your score.

If you’ve scored 15 and above…

You’re a complete and total stationery addict. Your loved ones may have already staged an intervention for you, or at the very least stopped you from going into your fifth stationery shop for the day. But I personally believe that there’s nothing wrong with injecting some fun and colour into your life. So unless you get to the point where you can no longer use entire rooms in your house because of the overflow of stationery – keep collecting, my friend!

If you’ve scored between 5 and 14…

You appreciate fine stationery when you come across it, but you don’t really give it much thought otherwise. You’re probably ambi-techstrous – that is, you use a mix of electronic and traditional organisers to schedule your days. This doesn’t mean that you won’t occasionally fall in lust with that adorable set of erasers. It just means that you’ve managed to strike that perfect balance which allows you to blend in nicely with polite society while secretly carrying around your Totoro pen and heart-shaped post-its.

If you’ve scored below 5…

Stationery is that stuff you resort to using when you can’t readily access your smartphone. Your definition of stationery is fairly broad too. Why bother with a notebook and pen when there is perfectly good lipstick and a discarded old napkin floating around in your bag?

If you’re happy to coast along as a stationery non-addict (and a stationery-completely-non-interested), that’s great! However, real scientific research shows that the art of putting pen to paper makes for a more organised, healthier and cleverer existence. Yes, really! Read on here.


Which means that we have an enormous stationery range that is guaranteed to both enthral the dedicated collectors, and entice those who are a bit meh about paper.  Check out our collection of personalised list pads, notebooks, journals, family wall planners and much more.