The Early Sleigh Catches the Worm

A close-up picture of a baby in a Santa hat who has enjoyed starting Christmas early

Is there such a thing as kicking off the festive season too soon? We look at what to consider if you’re contemplating starting Christmas early.

Starting Christmas early is seemingly an idea that only the largest department stores in the world implement. For the rest of us, it can be a little difficult to get in the spirit when reindeer ornaments, tinsel and carols start making an appearance in May.

But starting Christmas early can be for others too. Others just like you.

“Why would anyone want to drag the stress of Christmas out any longer than is absolutely necessary?” we hear you ask. “Will it mean my in-laws are going to stay longer? Say it ain’t so!”

You can relax—it’s nothing as outlandish as a perpetual wreath on the front door or a consistent, year-long diet of eggnog.

It’s more along the lines of retrieving the plastic tree from the closet a few weeks earlier, making to-do lists in order to stay on top of things, ordering gifts online—and just generally making plans well in advance to subdue the mad rush otherwise known as December.

Starting Christmas early is simply a way to make festive life easier and, believe it or not, bring your family closer together.


Like Santa through the hourglass

Christmas can tend to pass by in a whirlwind of family gatherings, food, and figuring out how to use scissors to curl ribbon without accidentally slashing the curtains.

But by starting Christmas early it doesn’t have to be so. It’s a way to give the whole family a present—the greatest present of all in fact: the gift of time.

And in the same way we know that labelling gives you scope for more all year ’round, this extra time can give you more of the good stuff at Christmas!

A time-lapse picture of a Christmas tree

Season’s meetings

Most importantly, with this extra time in December, you can get the kids involved! And we’re not talking the “go-and-lick-the-spoon-clean-so-I-can-actually-get-the-desert-in-the-oven” kind of involved—like properly involved.

Why not use the extra time to make some truly unique Christmas gifts? This will be far less stressful than the frantic, last-minute rush to buy whatever hasn’t sold out.

Or how about using everyday materials lying around the house to make your own wrapping paper? It’ll do their creative brains some good—and it will be GREAT for sustainability.

You could even practise some fun recipes with the kids in the lead up to the big day! By the time Christmas does roll around you’ll all be experts at snowman cookies or Santa cupcakes.

Of course, even the best-intentioned of us don’t always have this sort of spare time, so if you still want something gorgeous, sustainable AND personalised, then check out our Christmas items like Felt Ornaments and Santa Sacks.

And don’t fret, once these are sorted there are a few other ways your family can benefit from starting Christmas early. Keep reading…

A picture of personalised Christmas decorations


Learnin’ around the Christmas tree

By extending the Christmas celebration, not everything has to be about presents, food preparation—and recovering from presents and food preparation.

You can really take the time to teach your kids a few things about the traditions of Christmas, as well as the different ways people celebrate the holiday around the world.

It’s also a good opportunity to explain to them that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and the alternative customs people have. It might even be worth conveying how Christmas can be a sad time of year for those who are less fortunate or are missing loved ones.

Most importantly, it is a way to reinforce what Christmas should be about: family, kindness and bringing us all closer together.

A picture of a girl next to a Christmas tree

Mingle all the way

If you’re particularly keen to convey the message of kindness to others, then the best way to use the extra time in December is by doing just that. Build upon the lessons your kids have learned by giving back.

Plenty of charities will welcome all the help they can get at Christmas. Or you could even just visit an elderly neighbour or help out at an animal refuge.

You’ll undoubtedly all benefit from the experience of bringing unexpected joy to the lives of others!

A picture of a Christmas toy train

Making kiddies bright

Starting Christmas early really doesn’t have to be about drawing out the stresses of the festive season; quite the opposite in fact.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to change the focus. You can use the time to create a more sustainable Christmas and develop more well-rounded and respectful kids.

With some extra forethought, it can definitely be the most wonderful time of the year!

A picture of two young girls who are smiling about Christmas starting early

Have you ever tried starting Christmas early? Did it make the holiday more seamless for your family? Let us know in the comment section below!