Lunch of the Irish

A picture of a child excited about St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect way to get your kids eating their greens. Here are our top five healthy kids’ recipes to celebrate the annual Irish holiday.

St Patrick’s Day is, let’s face it, a day that brings excitement to adults more than kids. For most of us, it’s an excuse for a few drinks and, hopefully, not too much of a headache the day after.

But with a little creativity, it can also equal plenty of fun for your littlies as well—the type that doesn’t have to be restricted to colouring exclusively in green for the day!

One way to engage them is through some enticing Irish-themed food. There are plenty of healthy (no green food dye required) and simple (you won’t need the luck of the Irish) foods your little leprechauns will want to gobble up!

And the best bit? Some of them are so easy you’ll be left with plenty of time afterwards to go searching for that pot of gold!

It’s sometimes easy being green

First up in our Irish smorgasbord is the simplest recipe you could possibly imagine, coming from Creative Juice. In fact, it’s so basic it can barely be classified as a recipe!

It’s nothing more than some healthy fruit on a skewer. The only catch is it has to be green fruit of course! Apples, grapes, pears and kiwi fruit—you’ve got plenty to choose from. And for that extra Irish touch? Try cutting some of the fruit into shamrock or leprechaun hat shapes!

A picture of a fruit skewer
Image: Creative Juice

You can leave your leprechaun hat on

From Creative Food, these leprechaun hats are the kind of snack that takes the elegance of a top hat to a whole new level of edible sophistication.

Made primarily from cucumber—but with the addition of other healthy ingredients like cheese, pepper and honey—these hats just need a little finesse with a knife. Before you know it you’ll have the healthiest and classiest food going around.

A picture of cucumber leprechaun hats
Image: Creative Food

A new spinach on an old favourite

This St Patrick’s Day healthy food option is from Super Healthy Kids and is straight out of Popeye’s recipe book!

Granted, spinach muffins may not sound overly appealing, but with other ingredients including banana, eggs and milk, they’re every bit as yummy as more conventional muffins.

The trickiest part may just be convincing your child that a green muffin can be delicious. But once you’re over that hurdle, they can eat them at home and school—perfect for the Stuck On You Bento!

A picture of spinach muffins
Image: Super Healthy Kids

Shamrock ’n’ roll

It wouldn’t be a complete menu without a healthy green St Patrick’s Day beverage to go with all the yummy food.

Well, the shamrock shake from Joy Food Sunshine should fit the bill quite nicely! It’s simple and quick to prepare, and with ingredients like avocado, spinach and mint leaves, it will definitely have that natural green glow without the need for anything artificial!

A picture of a green smoothie
Image: Joy Food Sunshine

Cheesy does it

If you’re feeling a little extra adventurous with your food-making—or even just that you’ve got a little luck of the Irish on your side to help—then you could always try and make this leprechaun cheeseball from Handmade in the Heartland.

It’s got a bit more complication to it than any of the other recipes we’ve mentioned, but the result is certainly worth it. It’s a leprechaun that is too cute (and yummy) for words!

A picture of food made to look like a leprechaun
Image: Handmade in the Heartland

Have you got any other St Patrick’s Day kids’ food that will make the neighbours green with envy? Let us know in the comment section below!