Smart Ways to Organise Your Kitchen


Kitchens can be messy places (and you can only blame the kids for so long!). Crumbs, sticky bits and clutter can all build up and leave you feeling frustrated. Why not follow these useful tips to organise your kitchen once and for all.

Open shelves

Image: Homebunch
Image: Homebunch

You might think the kitchen isn’t the right place for open shelves, but they can serve more than one purpose. Use open shelves to store cookbooks and handy kitchen gadgets that can look snazzy on display, eg. egg timers, thermometers and measuring cups


Place some sturdy hooks somewhere within easy reach of where you spend most of your time in the kitchen. They’re great for hanging aprons, kitchen towels and utensils. This will be helpful for those moments when you’re in a hurry and it will free up counter space and drawer space.

Good lighting

Image: Home Edit
Image: Home Edit

Even under the cabinets and shelving there should be lighting. Aside from brightening the place up, you’ll find that you’re much happier and better organised in a well-lit kitchen space.

Specified cooking zone

No need to get out the traffic cones and fence anything off, but give your cooking area an extra bit of surveillance and make sure that everything you cook with is within easy reach of the stovetop and oven.

Shelf organisers

For particularly small kitchens, sliding shelf organisers can make full cabinets easier to reach, quick to find and way more organised. Especially great for all your dried herbs. And maybe a secret bottle of wine or two.

Colour coordinate

Image: Crate and Barrel
Image: Crate and Barrel

Pots, pans, bakeware, dinnerware and cutlery all look a little friendlier when they have been colour-coordinated. You’ll find your kitchen more pleasing to the eye – and even when it does get a little messy, your kitchen will have an overall cohesive look and feel.

Store items by use

Arrange your kitchenware by how often things are used. Items such as dishes should be easy to reach while things that hardly get any use (yes, juicer and ice-cream maker, we’re looking at you) should be placed up high. Place an order for some handy Write On Labels to really stay on top of things. Now, even your guests will know where to put the George Foreman Grill (up top with the Breville and doughnut pan!).

Become a basket case

If you have glass cabinet doors or open cabinets with no doors, baskets look great! You can store just about anything in baskets and it makes cleaning and rearranging a piece of cake.

Declutter counters

Image: Golden Pictures
Image: Golden Pictures

A kitchen is a communal area and a general catch-up space in the home. Don’t allow mail, paperwork and keys pile up on the counters – hang boards and strategically place bowls and containers so that everything has a designated space.

Feature image: Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest