Grown-up Solutions for a shared bathroom

Image: Kohler

If you share a bathroom with kids, it can be hard to make that room feel like a relaxing place for grownups. It’s hard to enjoy some peace and quiet and take a long soak in the tub when the room is overflowing with buckets, squeaky toys and bubble bath that smells like fairy floss.

With some clever decorating, personalised labels and organising you can create a space that keeps everyone happy.

Choosing a colour scheme

You might want something sleek and contemporary or a glamorous powder-room feeling, but when it comes to bathroom accessories for kids, you’ll find yourself constrained to decidedly unglamorous colours. So pass on those emerald green luxury towels and select a palette that will work with those purples, pinks, blues and pastels. Pale yellow, vanilla, or bright white walls would be a good starting point. A high-gloss paint will make the walls easier to clean.

For the adult towels, again go for bright white – they’ll be the easiest to keep clean, believe it or not, and you can expect everything in the bathroom to come in contact with grubby tiny hands at some point.


Image: Dunelm
Image: Dunelm

This will mean the difference between a bathroom you can relax in and one you want to avoid. White furnishings, such as a dresser or tiered shelving, can act as storage and a place to hide clutter. An extra coat of clear gloss varnish on bathroom furniture is a good idea – it will guard against all the spills and products stains.

Hooks installed at lower heights with personalised labels will give the kids their own little wall space. Baskets are an attractive option, but avoid the temptation to use plastic organisers on countertops or other “display” areas.

Keeping the fun

Image: Tell Love And Party
Image: Tell Love And Party

Of course, you need to provide a home for the dinosaur collections, mermaids, and other critters that make bath time fun, but get a container with a lid to hide them when not in use. Give each child his or her own organiser shelf in the tub – our name labels will come in handy, here, too.

With the right colour scheme and organising details, you can affordably design a lovely bathroom that will have something for everyone.

Feature image: Kohler