The Shaped Crusader

A photo of Bento Accessories that can be used to make shaped food

We’ve got the best recipes to make shaped food for your little ones with our fantastic new Bento Accessories Box Set!

Shaped food is a great way to get into your kids’ good books—and helps perform a masterful act of deception when you’re trying to get them to eat what they might otherwise not (in other words, the good stuff).

After all, food should be fun. Fun to make, fun to look at, and most of all fun to eat!

Our brand new Bento Accessories Box Set achieves all of those objectives in one go. It’s the latest addition to the Stuck On You range—and the new best friend to our super-popular Bento Lunch Box!

With well over twenty different items to use including Shaped Cutters, Silicone Cups, Food Presses, Sandwich Stencils and a Rolling Cutter, the possibilities are endless.

And we’ve tracked down just a few of those possibilities in the form of easy-to-make recipes. These are a great way to get you going with the Bento Accessories Box Set before you can just let your own imagination run wild.


A basket case

What better place to kick things off than with what they’ll be eating first thing in the morning? They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, with these Eggs in a Basket from Nathan & Christina Make Food, now it can be the most fun meal of the day as well.

You simply make a shape in the bread with one of the Bento Accessories cutters and then fry the egg within in. Simple!

A picture of Eggs in a Basket
Image: Nathan & Christina Make Food



When mid-morning hits, kids are invariably going to want a snack to get them through to lunchtime. This is a time when it’s easy to go for something quick (but that probably isn’t great for them).

But with the magic of shapes, you can serve them up something fun that is still healthy. Enter these Banana Coconut Cookies from Simple Toddler Recipes!

And the best aspect of these? All you need are the two ingredients and our Bento Accessories to make them happen in a variety of designs!

A picture of Banana Coconut Cookies
Image: Simple Toddler Recipes


Hearts of gold

For a great and healthy lunch that will get the kids interested, you can try these awesome Vegetable Kebabs from Eats Amazing.

With the variety of tools in the Bento Accessories Box Set, you can have all types of entertaining meals. And when the hardest part of the recipe is getting the ingredients onto a skewer then you know you’re onto a winner all around.

A picture of Vegetable Kebabs
Image: Eats Amazing


A good roasting

Keeping the heart theme going are these adorable Heart-Shaped Roast Potatoes from Haniela’s. They are another really simple option that is little more than a tiny variation on regular roast potatoes.

The only difference? The fun you will have using the Bento Accessories to turn them into shapes. And with all the options in the set, you can do much more than just hearts!

A picture of heart-shaped roast potatoes
Image: Haniela’s


Now you’re using your melon

Did someone say dessert? When your little ones feast their eyes on this Watermelon Cake from Women’s Weekly, they won’t even be thinking of anything sweet like ice cream or chocolate. Exactly what you want!

With oodles of nutritious fruit made into fun shapes with our Bento Accessories Box Set, this is an amazing dessert option.

A picture of a Watermelon Cake
Image: Women’s Weekly


Every sandwich way

And if you’re really time-poor you can just take your child’s favourite sandwich—whether it’s cheese, peanut butter or whatever—and simply make it into a fun shape for any meal.

With the Bento Accessories Box Set, there are so many possibilities, including the utterly adorable Elephant and Baby stencil!

A picture of Stuck On You Sandwich Stencils


How did you go with all of this shaped food? What other recipes have you got based around shapes? Let us know in the comment section below!