Uniformula One

A picture of children in their school uniforms waiting for the bus

School uniforms are essential to organise when school holidays are ending. Here are some great hacks to look after them in the build-up to back-to-school!

School uniforms make the daily grind of getting kids dressed for school far simpler. After all, there are few parents who have the time to keep up with the latest fashion trends for themselves—let alone their littlies.

An established set of clothing options for each and every day means one fewer thing to organise in the morning rush, and that can be more valuable than gold.

But school uniforms can be pricey to purchase and can start to wear out pretty quickly if you don’t look after them properly. If you’ve found that your kids’ school uniforms are needing to be replaced before they grow out of them, it’s time to find a better way.

So, with back-to-school quickly approaching, we look at a few simple hacks you can use to ensure school uniforms last twice as long!


I’m walking off sunshine

Hanging uniforms out to dry in the sun can cause a great deal of damage.

Direct sunlight can weaken fabric, which causes threads to degrade and colours to fade. This damage makes school uniforms look worn and also causes them to be more prone to holes and tears.

Only hang your children’s school uniforms in sunlight for limited amounts of time and, where possible, dry them indoors.

A picture of some school uniforms hanging on an indoor clothes line


Instruction manual

This tip can be easy to forget, but it can make all the difference: follow the label!

Clothing label instructions will tell you the best method to not just keep uniforms clean, but also prolong their use.

They convey vital information such as laying certain items flat rather than hanging to dry—or washing certain colours in cool water rather than warm.

It’s easy to forget the label, but remember that those directions are there for good reason!

And some labels will even tell you to turn clothes inside-out when washing. That way, any abrasive movement inside the washer will affect the inside rather than the outside of a garment.

A picture of the instructions that go on a clothing label


A change of scenery

It’s also best to get kids into the habit of changing out of school uniforms the instant they get home.

Playing in their uniforms will cause unnecessary wear and tear, but by hanging items or folding them neatly, there is bound to be less damage to the fibres.

Uniforms treated this way will always stand a far greater chance of staying clean and being ready for another wear.

A picture of a young child playing on a swing


If you liked it then you should have put a label on it

A common reason for needing to replace part of your child’s school uniform is when pieces go missing.

Often this happens when kids change at a friend’s house or before sports practise. It’s easy to leave and grab the wrong item when they all look the same!

So, of course, the best way to avoid this is by labelling! Try the huge range of Stuck On You Labels or the Self-Inking Stamp to help your kids stop losing their stuff.

Even if your child’s clothing mysteriously vanishes, it should reappear thanks to your personalisation. Labelling really can make all the difference!

A picture of a variety of Stuck On You labels

How did these uniform hacks work for you? Do you have any others? Let us know in the comment section below!