School lunches: Why variety is key

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We asked George from @schoollunchbox to write today’s guest post. As a self-proclaimed “lunchbox dad” George has amassed a huge following on Instagram and through his blog.

I remember heading off to school as a kid with my cheese and mortadella sandwich. Every day. For 12 years.

When I took over the role of making my girls’ school lunches, this experience was part of the inspiration behind my ideas. Variety is the key! It’s important to offer variety as the main meal, because carbohydrates and protein are an important part of a child’s diet.

The more you can change it up, the more interest children will take in their lunch.  My girls can’t wait to find out what’s in store for them each day.

Get creative

I love making sandwiches with a twist. Sometimes I cut them into cubes and put them on a skewer.

Sandwich skewers
Sandwich skewers

I find that if I do groceries on a Sunday I ensure to buy bread, eggs, wraps and pasta. I also love being creative with the content of the sandwich or wrap. Grating carrots and cheese always rocks a great wrap.  Replacing ham with turkey or shredded chicken is another winner.

You can also be creative with vegetables and fruit. Making a vegetable skewer or a fruit skewer is a fun way to encourage children to eat the healthy portion of their lunch (just remember to cut the pointy ends off before putting in the lunchbox).

Slicing an apple into pieces instead of just popping in a full apple in the school bag is also a good way to get them to eat. The hard work is done and they can eat the slices as they want, and not just take a bite or two from a large apple. A good tip is to squirt some lemon juice on the apple to stop it from going brown.

I also enjoy making sandwich pockets (which look amazing in my new Bento Box). I also make wraps as an option – I like to use eggs (an amazing source of protein). My kids think pasta seriously rocks, too.

Sandwich pockets
Sandwich pockets

Using a good quality lunchbox is also vital. I love the bento boxes because each compartment is clearly labelled with exactly what you need to put in them. It means you don’t have to think too hard in the mornings! Plus the awesome suggestions listed on the lift out is a great head start.

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