School Labels – What should I label before school starts?

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The new school term is just around the corner. Before the fun begins (well, for mummy and daddy!) there are some preparations to be done. First thing’s first…updating uniforms, shoes, books, stationery and school supplies.

There’s nothing worse than investing your precious time and money on school supplies only to discover they’ve been left in the classroom, dropped on the bus or lent to a classmate with no return date in sight. Luckily, we’ve got the solution: Name labels.

As the experts in personalised, scratch-resistant name labels, we’ve got all the shapes, sizes and colours to suit every child’s personality. Let your kids choose their favourite design, pick a font and start labelling anything and everything that could possibly go missing! Here’s a few places to start…


Iron On Clothing Labels
Clothing labels from Stuck On You

We’ve got two types of clothing labels to choose from: Iron On Labels and Stick On Clothing Labels.

Once you’ve applied our Iron On Labels, they essentially become a part of the fabric. The flexible material allows it to move and stretch with the garment so that no amount of wear and tear will cause these labels to peel off.

If you are the type of family who is always in a hurry (i.e. 80% of us) then grab a packet of our Stick On Clothing Labels. These can be whacked onto the tag of a shirt as your run out the door, and then made permanent later on when you’ve got time to iron it or sew it down.

We’ve designed both of these labels to stand the test of time, making them perfectly safe for use in the washing machine and dryer.

School supplies

Image: Styled By Emily Henderson
Image: Tess Neustadt at Styled By Emily Henderson.

Labels for pencils? Pens? Notebooks? Calculator? We have you covered. Our extensive collection of stick-on labels can be stuck just about any school supply you can think of.

Book Labels are a cute and practical way to make sure textbooks and precious picture story books always return home. Each label comes printed with the words, “This book belongs to” and you have 25 characters to personalise with your child’s name. The Kids Designer Collection features lots of lovely design icons to choose from, including animals, fairies and dinosaurs.

Measuring a tiny 46mm x 6mm, our Mini Pencil Labels will help prevent all those lovely new pencils from going missing throughout the school year. Labelling each pencil is also a handy task for kids in the school holidays (just make sure they use the Flagging Method instead of sticking lengthways along the side of the pencil)! Think outside the box and use these discrete little labels for lunchboxes, calculators, glasses cases and medical supplies.


Allergy Bag Tags
Allergy Bag Tags

Attaching a Bag Tag to your child’s backpack makes it easier to spot. Our personalised Bag Tags can be hooked to the handle or zipper of a backpack, sports bags, dance bag, overnight bag, house keys and more. They are easily removed so you can move them from item to item with ease. Colourful and easy-to-spot designs are great for any bag or possession.

The new range of Allergy Bag Tags help highlight your child’s allergy to teachers, friends and other parents. Choose from a bold design icon that highlights the following common conditions:

  • No dairy
  • No nuts
  • No eggs
  • No gluten
  • No seafood


Stuck On You 2017 Stationery
Stuck On You 2017 Stationery

A lovely set of stationery can keep your child cheerful and organised throughout the school year. Taking notes and writing homework assignments has never been more colourful or fun. You don’t need name labels for this, as we have released an entire range of stationery that can be completely personalised! Choose from personalised pencils and markers and calendars, notepads and sketchbooks or family planners to keep the whole family on track.

For everything else

Stuck On You Value Pack (5+)
Stuck On You Value Pack (5+)

A Value Pack is a great way to save time and money, because we’ve done all the hard work for you. These bundles include name labels of all shapes and sizes. For example, the 5+ Pack has been designed specifically for children heading off to school and comes complete with:

  • 25 x Name Labels
  • 50 x Stick On Clothing Labels
  • 50 x Mini Pencil labels
  • 20 x Shoe Dots
  • 1 x Classic Bag Tag

Let’s not pretend that you’ll suddenly manage to stop your little ones from losing things. But you can reduce the frequency of such incidents by placing labels and bag tags on all their school supplies. You’ll help keep things organised as you brighten up their lockers, lunchboxes and backpacks, and give your child a sense of pride and ownership in what he or she carries to and from school every day.