The Final Countdown

A chalkboard for school holidays ending

School holidays ending can lead to a combination of your own anticipation mixed with your child’s anxiety. Try these tips to overcome both.

School holidays ending soon? The idea probably has you a little giddy. Suddenly you’re reading your calendar with more enthusiasm than your favourite book! But at the same time, you remember how much there is to do to be routine-ready.

It can also be hard for your children to go back to school after the holidays. Suddenly they’re not able to indulge in playing all day with friends or a sleep-in. But their education is vital; you know it, we know it and one day they’ll know it too.

The good news is there are things you can do to prepare them for back-to-school—even this early! And doing so will ultimately make it easier for them and you.

No, going back to school doesn’t mean that the fun of holidays has to end entirely!

A routine is as good as a holiday

Children may want to sleep all day and stay up all night during the holiday break. But it’s in your best interests to make sure they keep some type of regular sleeping (and waking) routine.

By ensuring they don’t go to bed too late at night or wake up too late in the day, you’ll be making it easier for them to readjust to their usual school sleep schedule once the end of school holidays is on the agenda.

And, sure, there’s no real problem with letting them stay up a bit longer or sleep in a bit later—but keeping the routine as close as possible to during the school term will make for a simpler transition period for the end of holidays.

A picture of a child asleep with a teddy bear

Adventure seekers

The idea of returning to school can also be made less tantrum-inducing by helping kids remember that it isn’t going to last forever. If all they are thinking about is school and classes, they will surely be feeling a bit sad!

Instead, help your kids learn to have optimism and look towards other exciting things in the future.

During the holidays, brainstorm some ideas for fun weekend activities together. Schedule these for weekends when the school term is back on again. When your children think about school, you can remind them that on school weekends you’ll go on those planned adventures together!

The simple pleasure of looking forward to something can help make going back to school much more bearable for children of all ages.

A picture of a young child riding a bike with training wheels

Supplies and demand

The best way to get kids excited about something is to make it feel new. Now, when it comes to school that may seem difficult—but it is not impossible!

Grab some new school supplies like our personalised Pencils and Markers. With any luck, you’ll be able to get them excited about the chance of using these. Remind them regularly that they can use their new school supplies soon. It may even (we stress, may) make them altogether enthusiastic about returning to school!

Then you can sweeten the deal by storing those supplies in other truly unique items like a Stuck On You Bag, Pencil Case or our new Tech-Art Organiser. Best of all, this should ensure they never lose their stuff again!
A picture of the SOY Tech-Art Organiser and Pencil Case

Have you dealt with the difficulties of the school holidays ending? What are your tips? Let us know in the comment section below!