Hilarious Santa photo fails

Kids with Santa photo

I remember my first photo with Santa. OK, actually I don’t as I was only a few months old. But I remember the picture. I was flashing a huge cloth nappy and had only started growing hair in patches, therefore resembling a little old man who’d lost a fight with a whipper snipper.

As a shy one, I was way too frightened to cry. So instead I chose to look at Santa in total bewilderment (believe me, I was screaming on the inside).

Here are some Santa photo fails where the kids (and Santa) aren’t afraid to wear their hearts – or terror – on their sleeves.

Happy horrordays!

Santa photos 1

Santa photos 2

Santa photos 3

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This Santa has clearly given up trying.

Santa photos 4

Image supplied

In all fairness, sometimes it’s Santa who ruins an otherwise acceptable photo

Santa photos 5

Santa photos 6

Santa photos 7

Images: creepysantaphotos.com

Santa can cry louder than you.

Santa photos 8

Image: Instagram @allaboutzoes

Guess who’s trying to get onto the Nice List?

Santa photos 9

Image: creepysantaphotos.com

The following olden day photos make us thankful that there are Santa background checks now…

Santa photos 10

Image: creepysantaphotos.com

This one makes even my thick skin crawl – and not just because it says “candys”.

Santa photos 11

Image: thecuriousbrain.com, via BuzzFeed

Screaming kid + sedated kid + shopping trolley = CLASSY

Santa photos 12

Image: creepysantaphotos.com

You gotta protect yourself as much as you can…

Santa photos 13

Image: creepysantaphotos.com

Though why not try a non-violent solution? Put a window between you and Santa…

Santa photos 14

Image: creepysantaphotos.com

Or ask him very nicely if you can swap places.

Santa photos 15

Image: Healthy Mummy

Don’t show Mrs Claus this one!

Santa photos 16

Image: creepysantaphotos.com

Never give up. Here’s hoping for another smiling Santa photo sometime before she graduates high school. 

Santa photos 17

Image: Healthy Mummy


The perfect Santa photos by some seriously suave kids. Proof that if you take a good Christmas pic, you can grow up to be the CEO and Operations Manager of the sensational Stuck On You (and whatever their brother does).

Santa photos 18

Santa photos 19

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