The Three ’Slaws of Robotics

A picture of a robot pancake for great robot recipes

Do you have a child who’s into robots? We’ve got the best robot recipes you can use to keep all the cogs turning.

Robot recipes may be just what you need if you have a child who’s into cyborgs, androids and all other kinds of mechanical beings.

After all, you may as well take their interest and utilise it to get them eating healthy and fun foods!

Well, don’t worry, you don’t need to hack any computers or break into Skynet! We’ve done the programming for you and found our top five robot recipes for kids!


Healthy, Will Robinson!

If you want to get all the healthy things into one robot, then this from Baby Gizmo is what you’re after.

It may seem like an impossible task to get kids eating foods that include celery, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin and berries—but if anything can do it, this amazing android can!

A picture of a robot made out of fruit and vegetables
Image: Baby Gizmo


Motherboard smorgasbord

If you’re after a less-involved variation of the previous idea, then try this from Activity Village. It still uses a variety of foods for the different parts of the robot and is still super healthy.

With simple crackers for the body and whatever fruits and vegetables you can muster for the arms, legs and head, you’ll have a pretty cute robot in no time.

A picture of a robot made from crackers
Image: Activity Village


The Breadinator

If you’re after an even simpler robot again, you can stick to just the face with this sandwich robot from Hello, Wonderful.

It’s just a matter of making sure your bread is perfectly square and then decorating it however you like! This one has lots of healthy foods like carrots for eyes and a variety of peppers for the robot’s bolts.

A picture of a robot made from a sandwich
Image: Hello, Wonderful


Bolts from the blue

This one from Fuzz Food definitely takes out the award for the easiest robot recipe.

With the simple concept of mixing a collection of nuts, fruit and other snack items as ‘nuts and bolts’, it’s an ingenious on-the-go idea that can be easily transported in a robot-themed Bento!

A picture of robot snacks
Image: Fuzz Food


Party like it’s 2099

This last one from Learn with Play at Home is more than a single recipe, but rather ideas for an entire robot party!

It includes robot-shaped jars of ‘wire’ and ‘battery cell’ food. Not to mention a gluten-free bot, a fruit bot, and a great way to arrange hot party food in dishes on the table so the whole setting looks like a giant robot!

A picture of robot food party ideas
Image: Learn With Play At Home


Which of these robot recipes worked for you and your androids? Have you got any others to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below!