Great ways to build resilience in your children

A picture of a young boy building resilience as a superhero

Some kids never seem to have a care in the world, while others can be anxious even at the best of times. Given the current state of our world, there’s plenty for any child to worry about. These are our top tips to build resilience amongst your family during unprecedented times.

The world is a pretty scary place right now, especially for children. While we as adults understand the situation of COVID-19 and the need for so many precautions, kids may see it as very black-and-white; they were allowed to participate in their community and sporting groups and amongst their friends and now they’re not.

It’s easy to see why they might start to crack coming to terms with this change and lack of freedom, and that’s why it’s so important to build resilience in them. As detailed by PSYCOM, the more that children “bounce back on their own, the more they internalize the message that they are strong and capable.”

While answers like ‘just because’ and ‘because I said so’ can sometimes fly, children want and deserve more than that for their own well-being. We’ve already looked at ways to talk to children about COVID-19, but what about when the talking is done? They still need to get through it.

Kids need to be okay with having to stay at home, keeping away from other people, and not doing the things they usually do. It’s an opportunity to start building resilience in your children, and here are ways we suggest you can do this.

Knowledge is power

Learning is the best way to start understanding the world—and the best way to learn is by doing! Stuck On You has a range of great activities for kids so they can start learning from as young as you want them to!

Products such as our personalised Flash Cards, Puzzles, Educational Wall Posters and Name Blocks are ideal to start learning about shapes, how things fit together and hand-eye coordination. Overcoming frustration when a piece doesn’t fit or when a stack of blocks tumbles to the ground is going to be one of the first ways they begin to build resilience.

Also, if you have a number of children working on an activity together, it is going to encourage teamwork and create further resilience if the team doesn’t always agree (although hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often).

We’ve also got personalised Activity Books and even some free activities on our website to try like Backyard Bingo and the Indoor Scavenger Hunt!

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Make them their own heroes

Another method to build resilience in children is to let them know they have a voice and, even though may feel small in the world, they’re an integral part of it.

We’ve got brilliant ways for you to achieve this through our personalised Storybooks like The Littlest Spoon and our brand-new Tooth Fairy Book.

By using your child’s first name, these books make your child the main character at the centre of the action! All of a sudden your little one starts to learn that an individual can make a difference and make the world a better place.

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Creativity breeds confidence

Of course, allowing our children to unleash their creative sides will undoubtedly build their confidence and resilience as a flow-on effect.

After all, these two traits go hand-in-hand. Confidence helps children to take risks and express themselves, but it also develops resilience when things they create may not quite turn out as they’d imagined or hoped. It’ll give them the persistence to keep trying.

We’ve got all the personalised Stationery they could want, and even items like Positivity Pencils and Markers that offer inspirational messages to keep them going. There are Colouring Books and we’ve even got heaps of free Colouring-In Sheets available to download and print on our Activities page.

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Everybody wins

And what’s the other great benefit of building children’s resilience through all these activities? It will help with your resilience of course!

If the kids are occupied with games and puzzles, then you’ve got some time to breathe and work on yourself a little.

This is something we all need to be mindful of, no matter what the circumstances of the world outside. We all need to be resilient to cope with what the universe throws at us—and as we’re seeing now, we need to be ready to expect the unexpected!

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Would you say you have resilient kids? If so, what has worked for you? And if not, which of our items can’t you wait to try? Let us know by dropping a line on Facebook!