Prank snacks for kids that are healthy and a little bit cheeky

A picture of a girl being silly with prank snacks

Trying to make your kids’ healthy food just a little more entertaining? Try these prank snacks on for size!

Healthy snacks aren’t always the easiest thing to encourage kids to eat. But with a little creativity, you can turn them into prank snacks that will get them eating nutritious food and having a bit of fun at the same time.

After all, your kids probably spend enough time annoying you with jokes and tricks; why not return the favour?

These prank snacks for kids certainly look like they’re not good for them, but the trick is they are actually great for them!

They’ll be jumping for joy when they finally are allowed some of the food they never normally receive, but the reality is they’re all carefully crafted imitations. Best of all, they’re still yummy and they’ll still eat them. That’s a win all around.

The fries have it

It’s pretty tough to find a child who doesn’t get excited about fries, and don’t be surprised when yours are racing each other to get to these!

The trick? They’re actually apples! With minimal preparation time and even fewer ingredients, these apple fries from can be ready in fifteen minutes. To improve the art of deception, you can even add some strawberry preserve to look like sauce!

A picture of apple fries

Who let the hot dogs out?

If you didn’t lure them in with the fries (which we highly doubt), then you could try another fast-food sleight of hand: banana hot dogs from All Recipes!

From the foundation of the bun and banana, you can then really run wild—peanut butter for ‘mustard’, raisins for ‘sauce’ and then anything else you can think of!

A picture of a banana hot dog
Image: All Recipes


Binge-watching movies and TV shows is pretty much a given for any family on some occasions. And what is the essential snack for such an activity? Popcorn of course!

But the kind of popcorn we’re accustomed to at movie theatres and from our own microwaves is not the healthiest option for little ones.

It’s not a problem though. By dressing up this cauliflower popcorn recipe from Taste of Home in such a way as you’d get at the cinema, you’ll have your kids fooled before the movie even starts!

A picture of cauliflower popcorn
Image: Taste of Home

Take peach day as it comes

For another fruit fix and one of our favourite trick snacks, you can’t go past these peach doughnuts from Super Healthy Kids.

It’s impressive how much they look like the real thing, and with a foundation of nutritious peach, coupled with a coating of yogurt and toppings ranging from nuts, oats or maybe something a little sweet, they’re bound to be just as well received.

A picture of peach doughnuts
Image: Super Healthy Kids

Mini minor

And for the best snack to really mess with them, try this miniature lunch from It is sure to leave them in stitches (not to mention a little hungry, so make sure you’ve got the real lunch ready too).

A tiny bit of bread in the shape of a sandwich, some raisins and carrot chopped into small pieces, and a bit of cereal all packed into a box of matches make this miniature prank. You could even top it off by personalising the lunchbox with a Stuck On You label!

A picture of a micro meal

Have you got any other weird and wacky prank snacks that will fool even the most discerning child? Let us know on Facebook!