‘Babe’ is a four-letter word. The most hated pet names for women revealed.

We are more than the names listed on our birth certificates. Sure, when we rock up to the bank or for job interviews, we tend to use the names that our parents (and/or marriage) have bestowed upon us. Outside of these settings, however, the rather sensible-sounding Elizabeth can morph into Liz, Lizzie, Bets, E-bubu or Honey Schnookums Pie.

Pet names - name tags

Depending on who you ask, I also have a collection of nicknames and pet names – ranging from the sweet to the strange. I won’t reveal them here in case any mean-spirited colleagues decide to use them against me (you know who you are).

For most of us, our loved ones will try to use names that we approve of, or at least don’t hate.

Unfortunately, some of us are not that lucky.

A British survey has revealed that women hate these pet names the most:

  1. Babe
  2. Sweet cheeks
  3. Snookums
  4. Baby doll
  5. Baby girl
  6. Muffin
  7. Ducky
  8. Baby cakes
  9. Sexy pants
  10. Pudding

A few themes emerge here, with hate arrows flying towards endearments with an overly Americanised vibe (baby doll, baby girl) and those referring to fatty foods (pudding, muffin, baby cakes).

Though it could always be worse.

Apparently, Jamie Fox calls Katie Holmes “Big Suri”. Sources claim that he started calling her this before learning of her daughter’s name, but that doesn’t make it that much less creepy.

Personally (and to use a hacked-up idiom), I think the beauty of a pet name is in the eye – or voice box – of the beholder. For example, I’d have no objection to this:

Pet names - Morgan

Via Pinterest

Or at a pinch, this:

Pet names - Garth

Via Meme Generator

To end on a more positive note, here are the 10 most loved pet names.

  1. Gorgeous
  2. Beautiful
  3. Lovely
  4. Love
  5. Darling
  6. Honey
  7. Sexy
  8. Angel
  9. Dearest
  10. Precious

Again, this is all a matter of personal taste. For example, I’m not terribly fond of ‘love’ – unless it comes from a certain bus driver of a certain age driving a certain bus that a certain Crew Captain occasionally catches (Hi Ken! Blush giggle).

Would some cool labels take the sting out of a much-maligned pet name?

Pet names - SOY labels

What do you and your significant other use as pet names? 


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