The benefits of a personalised drink bottle and our new Limited Edition Ice Blue design

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Our personalised drink bottle is a perfect companion in everyday life and great for sustainability. We’ve just released an extra ‘cool’ limited edition version!

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, the notion of a reusable drink bottle, let alone a personalised drink bottle, was a rarity. We were all busy obsessing over buying bottled water.

That’s right, rather than obtain it free from a tap, we were happy to hand over a few dollars for what bottled water companies told us was a magical elixir from the purest springs on the face of the Earth.

It was like we thought this water would heal all our aches and pains or, with any luck, have actually come from the fabled fountain of youth.

It’s only years later where we’ve really started to see the environmental impact of all those plastic bottles. We now have the knowledge that there’s a better way.

That’s environ-mental

Just how much impact has there been from the accumulation of all those little plastic bottles over the years?

According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians alone still “buy almost 15 billion plastic bottles every year and many of these end up in landfill or in our waterways.” The Earth Day organisation indicates that, globally, “humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute”.

Those sorts of numbers are alarming, confronting and downright terrifying. It emphasises the pertinent quote, interchangeable with the plastic water bottle’s close relative and another sustainability culprit, the plastic straw: “It’s only one straw … said 8 billion people.”

Sustainability Victoria goes on to explain that “bottled water is on average 2000% more expensive than the high-quality drinking water we enjoy in Victoria” and that it would take “8 years of refilling your plastic bottle with tap water to make back the initial cost of buying one bottle of water.”

The quality of drinking water can vary greatly across countries, states and even regions. But for plenty of us, what comes out of the tap is awesome. For others, products like filters can improve the quality of tap water enough to remove the need for purchased options.

It certainly makes any perceived inconvenience of visiting the kitchen each day for a few re-fills seem pretty trivial.

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Personalisation plus

These days, we’re all more aware of our impact on the environment, especially with single-use items.

Sustainability is a primary focus for Stuck On You. Our Labels prevent the re-purchase of everyday items that otherwise go missing. While our Bento removes the need for food packaging, eliminating up to 30 kg of waste per child per year!

Our personalised Drink Bottles have the same focus. With one beautiful, functional and fun bottle, you can save money on buying all sorts of bottled drinks—and benefit the environment at the same time!

They’re also even better than a normal reusable drink bottle because of the personalisation factor. With your name and choice of design, there’s more attachment to the bottle and less likelihood of becoming complacent about not losing it.

It also means no confusion as to who owns which bottles at daycare, kinder, school or work. This means there is no chance for cross-contamination, vital in the current COVID-19 climate.

Ice ice baby

Our personalised Drink Bottle has been available for years, but we’re changing it up a little bit. Enter the Limited Edition Ice Blue Drink Bottle!

The Ice Blue Drink Bottle has all the same features you’ve come to expect from our usual design. It’s made from food-grade stainless steel, has a whopping 500 ml capacity with an easy-to-use lid, and, of course, lots of personalisation options. But with the stylish blue tint, it’s just that little bit ‘cooler’.

But it’s no joke when we say it’s a limited edition, so get in quickly and grab yours now!

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You can check out the Limited Edition Ice Blue Drink Bottle from our homepage. Plus, get in touch with any questions via Facebook!