Five Party Giveaways Kids Won’t Ever Forget

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Five Party Giveaways Kids Won’t Ever Forget

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Busy parents know that it’s a full-time job seeing to the needs of their kids. From getting them up and out of the house on time to helping them with homework and the like. The list of things to do never ends. However, those are just the everyday necessities. As any parent can tell you, it doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes, parents also have to plan for things like birthday parties, scout meetings and sleepovers too. One of the hardest parts of planning for such events is finding unique party giveaways that will delight their child’s friends and guests. After all, while there’s a big and booming corporate gifts industry out there, there’s no real analogue for parents planning kids’ events.

If you’re a parent facing such a dilemma, then you can relax! Because we’ve got you covered with five unique party giveaways for your kids’ next party or event. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

A Personalized Bento Box

School-age children are hard to impress, and often even harder to satisfy. That’s especially true if you’re trying to give them something practical and not frivolous. One item that fits the bill is a personalised Bento Box, which is colourful, fun and useful. Kids can use it to carry lunches and snacks when they head off to school—or take it with them when they travel with their family to sporting events or other outings they have planned. It’s a present they’ll love and one that will get plenty of attention from those who see it. This makes it a can’t-miss giveaway for any kids’ party or event.

A picture of a pink Bento Box with a love heart and two bees

A Pop-Up Book

Getting kids to learn isn’t always easy unless you know how to press the right buttons. You can do just that by giving away a pop-up book at your next kids’ party. Not just any pop-up book, though. Consider This Book is a Planetarium by Kelli Anderson. It’s an interactive papercraft book that includes everything from a paper guitar to a decoder ring and perpetual calendar. It even has a pop-up representation of the constellations that projects onto the ceiling of a dark room with the addition of a flashlight. It’s the kind of giveaway nobody will forget—assuming you’re willing to part with it yourself!

Teddy Bear Sewable Circuit

The best kinds of giveaways are those that make kids’ friends jealous and teach them some valuable skills. That’s what makes this Teddy Bear Sewable Circuit such a unique and amazing gift. It includes everything needed to create a teddy bear zipper-pull with a light-up heart. But that’s not all! The circuit that makes it work is hand-sewn using electrically-conductive thread! It teaches kids the basics of sewing and electric circuits—and results in a keepsake they’ll love.

Planet Lollipops

It’s well known that the way to a child’s heart is through candy. But, did you know that it could also be the way to their brain? Try giving away these Planet Lollipops and find out how true that can be. They’re made to look like a hyper-realistic representation of the planets (including Pluto, much to the chagrin of Neil deGrasse Tyson), and each has its own unique flavour combination. What better way to encourage the next generation of astronomers and astrophysicists? The only downside is they’re a little hard to find outside the US, but can be found at Amazon from time to time, so stock up early!

A picture of a Planet Lollipop
Image: Fertas / Adobe Stock

A Personalised Bag

If you’re the kind of parent who tends to go overboard—and you end up choosing several of the above giveaways—then why not complete the set by including a personalised bag to carry all of those cool goodies home? It’s a great giveaway that kids will use for years, from carrying schoolbooks to transporting video game gear over to their friends’ homes. They’re available in several shapes, sizes, and styles—so it’s possible to customise one to suit each and every party or event attendee. Kids lucky enough to get one will love it, and their parents will appreciate how thoughtful a host you’ve been. Truly a win-win.

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Gifts Nobody Will Forget

The best thing about the party giveaways and gifts mentioned here is that kids will remember them long after the party is done. This is because they’re the kinds of things recipients will use over and over. Furthermore, they won’t ever forget where they came from. At that point, you’ll be the parent all the kids love—and your only problem will be figuring out how to top your efforts the next time there’s a party to plan!

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